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Yes they can.They police do not need to be contacted nor a court order used because it involves contract law not criminal law.They may come on your(the loanee's)property to repo however they may not enter any structures nor cause any damage. Yes. Involving the police prior to the repo would constitute a wrongful repo. When you financed the car, you authorized the car company to repossess the vehicle if payments fell short. Ask yourself this, what would be cheaper, easier and less stressful? Paying the payments on time or going through the whole repo process? me it would be the first one. Of course it's called self-help repossession. Most police departments do not require that you call and report anything unless there is no contact at the time of the pick-up. It's a good practice though to do it every time anyhow just so there is a record of the time and date. Plus it helps when idiots call it in stolen even when they know it was repossessed.

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Q: Can a car company repossess your car without getting a court order and contacting the police?
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ONLY if you can find someone to buy it without a title. NO buyer, NO seller.

In the state of Wisconsin can a car company repossess your car without a written notification and contacting the police?

All repossessions in the state of Wisconsin must have a valid repossession order, however police notification is not necessary. If your vehicle has been recovered by the lienholder, you may not receive the repossession notification immediately.

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Can someone repossess a car without filing for repossession?


Can a repossession company in Maryland repossess a vehicel from a bodyshop without paying the repair bill?

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