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I bought a car in Texas, then moved out of state, I still made payments, but not I'm behind. I intent to start paymants up again, but now the dealer is saying that he is going to sue me, Can he?

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โˆ™ 2008-11-23 02:15:05
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Q: Can a car dealer sue you for taking a car out of state?
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How do you sue a car dealer?

talk to a lawyer!

Can you sue a car dealer for repossessing a car that wasn't financed?

If you paid cash for a car and the car dealer repossessed it, yes, you can probably sue the dealer. First contact the cops. Then, you might want to contact the dealer next. Keep records of everything.

Can a dealer collect on repo unpaid balance?

Yes - if the car loan was with the dealer, the dealer can sue the debtor for the balance of the car loan after the car is sold to someone else.

Can you sue a used car dealer if the motor goes out after 6 months of having the car The warranty ran out three months after having car?

yes because you can literally sue for anything

Can you sue a car dealership for selling a car a murder happen in?

Really!?!?! You seriously want an answer to this? Can you sue a gun dealer for legally selling a firearm to someone who commits a murder with it? No! Wow amazing!

If the dealer sold car without a title can dealer be forced to return money?

yeah. beat him dwn. or take your case to a lawyer and get more $$$$ with sue

Can a dealer sell you a car with defectice brakes?

He can, but it's frowned upon, if he said the car was perfectly fine, then there is reason for fraud and you could sue him.

What are your legal right when a car dealer just found out the car you trade in has a lien?

If you did not disclose the lien to the dealer then you committed fraud! At this point it is a fraudulent deal and everything can be unwound. The dealer can repossess the unit or sue you for the difference. In jurisdictions it is possible the dealer could get a warrant for your arrest for credit fraud

Your car had a Sirius radio installed sometimes your car lights on the inside of the car come on by themselves it drains your battery the car dealer tells you there is nothing wrong with the car?

I would sue him/take the car back.

Can you sue a place of business if your car is stolen?

no you can't sue but if your car is permanently stolen the you can get the dealer of your car to buy you a new one or you can put it onto your claims bonus and get your money back from what you originally paid for your car the first time you bought it. i hope i answered your question correctly.

What to do if you buy a used car from dealer and find out later there is no air bag and air bag sensor was purposefully disabled?

You could probably sue the dealer for putting you in harms way.

If you bought a car and a week later it stopped working but the dealer is threatening to sue if you try to give it back what do you do?

Look at your states Lemon Law regarding cars.You should be suing them!!!!! you don't need an attorney in alot states, represent yourself.Get some repair estimates on fixing the car, repair it if you can and sue the dealer.

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