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Yes, a cat can indeed give birth to only one kitten.

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Q: Can a cat only give birth one kitten?
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Is it unusual for a cat to give birth to 1 kitten?

unusual. cats rarely give birth to only 1 kitten. but it can happen.

Has anybody had a cat who gave birth to only one kitten?

A cat can give birth to as few as one kitten to as many as 14, though the average litter size is around 4-5. Many different factors can go into why your cat only gave birth to one kitten.

How least kittens can a cat have?

I have a cat that gave birth to only one kitten.

Why are cat tongues so rough?

Cats tongues are so rough so when I give birth it can clean its kitten better. (This is only a female cat)

How many kitten can a cat give birth to at a time?

The average is around 5-6

Can i give milk to a pregnant cat?

You can only give Kitten Milk Replacer, or KMR to a pregnant cat, not cow's milk.

Can you give the abandoned kitten to a cat that has kitten too?

Yes. But this will only work sometimes usually if the mother your giving the kitten to has lost one of her own.

Is it bad to give a grown cat kitten food?

No, but kitten food has nutrients and fibers in it that are helping a kitten to grow, so if you give a grown cat kitten food they will have pretty smelly diarrhea.

Where does the kitten come out of a female cat during birth?

The kitten emerges from the birth canal at the vaginal opening (below the anus).

Is milk good for your kitten?

Milk is good for your kitten but only its mothers milk. if a kitten is given regular milk its likely your cat will get diarrhea. If you already started to give your cat milk and there has been no sign of any diarrhea than your kitten is save.

Can a cat give birth to different colors of kittens?

yes it can give birth to kittens with different colors and different colored spots too.It is possible that every kitten can be a different color.

What does it mean when you give birth to a kitten?

It generally means you are a cat who has mated within the last 65 days or so. If you are not a cat and have given birth to a kitten, see a doctor immediately, as there is someing wrong with you because this is not physically possible! If this is a dream you are talking about, then the meaning depends on who you ask.

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