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Q: Can a chinses dwarf hamster drink flavored water?
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What can a dwarf hamster drink?


Will a dwarf hamster drink out of a bowl?

they can but this is a VERY bad idea

What do dwarf hamsters drink out of?

Hamster bottles or they'll drown

What is the difference between a dwarf hamster and a Chinese dwarf hamster?

* * * == == * * * == == == ==

How tall is a dwarf hamster?

A dwarf hamster is about 5 inches.

Can a Chinese dwarf hamster be with a younger Chinese dwarf hamster?


How do you get my dwarf hamster to drink water?

Just give it time, and if it still wont drink the water, try using something else to give it water. i experianced the same thing when i first got my dwarf hamster too. :D

Is a rotastak hamster a dwarf hamster?

there is no such thing but if you mean a roborovski hamster yes its a dwarf

Can a robo dwarf hamster breed with a roborovski hamster?

A robo dwarf hamster is a roborovski hamster which is a dwarf hamster so yes.

How do you know if you have a dwarf hamster or a regular hamster?

The Dwarf Hamster would be smaller than a regular hamster because of the "dwarf" part in it. Unless the regular hamster were to be a runt.

What are the species of hamster's?

There is lots like, Syrian, Chinese dwarf hamster, Campbells dwarf hamster, Robo dwarf hamster, Russian hamster. My favorite, is the blueberry campbells dwarf hamster and the Syrian hamster. They are the sweetest and easy to hold. NOT THE ROBO"S!!!

Is it okay if a long haired hamster drinks from a dwarf hamster bottle?

it is okay for any hamster to drink out of a hamster bottle as long as you clean the bottle.(you should clean it everyday)

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