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If the court has discharged them from their sentence of probation, yes, they can travel wherever they please.

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Q: Can a convicted felon leave the US after they have finished there probation?
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Can a convicted felon in Pennsylvania leave the state while on probation?

Your probation documents will tell you how far you may travel, if at all.

Can a convicted felon in minnesota be allowed to leave the state?

Yes, you will need to get a traveler's permit from your probation officer.

Does a federal probation officer care if a convicted felon goes to another state to visit another convicted felon?

It depends on the conditions of probation. Often, a condition of probation is that the felon can't leave the state without permission. Further, another frequent condition of probation is that the felon can't associate with other felons. If you have a document that outlines the conditions of your probation, read it carefully for these conditions. If you don't have the document in question (and I know this probably isn't what you want to hear), ask your probation officer if this is permissible. It's the only way to know for sure.

Is a convicted felon allowed to leave country?

I am a convicted felon and recently traveled out of the country with no problem. I am no longer on probation though. I am rather sure if you are on probation, you must obtain permission from your probation officer.Added: If you have completed your sentence and/or you are released on parole with no travel restrictions, you may apply for a passport and travel outside of the country. CAUTION: Not all nations will grant persons convicted of certain crimes permission to enter their country.

Do you have to register as an ex felon when moving to Colorado?

There is no such thing as an ex felon. A person who has been convicted of a felony remains a felon even after completing his/her sentence. There is no felon registry. People convicted of certain offenses must register, such as sex offenders. If you are on active probation or parole (even non-reporting), you must seek leave to move and transfer.

Can an ex felon who is no longer on probation leave the state of California?

once you have served your probation term and are off you can leave the state

Can a convicted felon get a passport on probation?

no Yes, you just cannot use it or leave the country without permission. Most likely, it would be confiscated by your PO until you max out.

Can a convicted felon go out of the country and return?

Yes a convicted felon may leave the country unless on probation or parole. If this is the case, the convict must get written consent by their parole officer to do so. This applies in the USA.Additional: Note that some countries may not grant you entrance because of your criminal status.

Can a convicted felon get a passport and go to Germany?

Yes, and no. If you are either court ordered not to leave the country, or are on any kind probation/parole which restricts your travel, then of course not. But if you are neither of those then you should be able to.

Can a convicted felon visit Dubai?

No as you would need to leave the country and a convicted felon is not permitted to obtain a passport. Attempting to sneak out of the country will also result in an arrest.

Can you get in trouble if your employer keeps a gun in his place of business and you are a convicted felon?

Not if you leave it alone.

If I am on probation in Washington and was convicted of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana in Oregon where it's decriminalized does that count as violating my probation?

First, if you leave Washington you probably already violated your probation. Second, how can you be convicted in Oregon, if the act is decriminalized there

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