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The creditor has the option of filing a lawsuit and if they win (which they will) they will receive a judgment which can be executed according to state law. The preferred method of enforcing a judgment is by wage garnishment or bank account levy. A judgment can also be used for the seizure and sale of non-exempt property belonging to the debtor(s) or placing liens against real property owned by the debtor(s). Alabama as all states has a set of exemptions that can be used by the debtor to protect certain personal and real property from creditor attachment. If a person believes they may be sued it would be in their best interest to obtain legal advice or representation.

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Q: Can a credit card company make you pay what you do not have at the time in the state of Alabama?
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Can a credit card company execute a writ to garnish your wages in the state of Alabama?


Can a credit card company sue you in the state of Texas?


Can a credit card company bill a consumer for unauthorized charges if the credit card was improperly issued by the credit card company and the card was not activated and was stolen from the home?

Notify them that the credit card was stolen to the credit card company and dispute all the charges on the credit card. You would also have to file a police report if the credit card was stolen. The credit card company must investigate the charges.

What is the statute of limitation on credit card debt in the state of Alabama?

A credit card is an open ended account. In Alabama the statute of limitations at 3 years. That will be from the last communications from the debtor. Please note that the credit card may be based on a different jurisdiction which could be longer! Check your agreement for the applicable jurisdiction.

Can a company charge your credit card without permission?

No, a company can not charge a credit card without permission. This violation should be reported immediately to your credit card company.

Will you need to go through a credit check in order to get a corporate credit card from your company if the credit card is in your company's name?

That decision is up to the credit card company. If the corporation is relatively new or had no credit history, the credito card company might demand that you personally guarantee the debt and you will need to have a credit check. If you have been in business a long time, the credit card company MIGHT not require a personal credit check.

can a credit card company like capitol one who forward account to legal dept in state of california take garnish payments out unemployment if nothing can be resolve out of court?

You should not avoid paying the minimum due in your credit card account. The credit card company does not care if you lost your job. What you need to do is to speak with a credit consolidation agency in your area. Ask around about their reputation. The credit consolidation company will make a deal with your credit card company.

How do you report a credit card company that issues unrequested cards?

You can report a credit card company to the attorney general of your state. Your state may also have a complaint line against businesses. You can also report them to the Better Business Bureau.

Who should you call if a credit card company listed you as deceased on your credit report?

You should call the credit card company.

How do you avoid automatic renewal when paying with credit card?

Do like I did - Just call Credit Card Company and state you can't find your credit card and would like it cancelled immediately and to send you a new one.

How do you find out if your company is eligible for credit card for fair credit?

In order to find out whether or not your company is eligible for this or not, you are going to have to contact the credit card company and ask if you are.

Can credit card company garnish state retirement check in Florida?

Credit card companies could not garnish a retirement account at one time in Florida.

What do you do next after being served with lawsuit papers from credit card company?

If you are served with lawsuit papers from a credit card company, contact an attorney immediately. If you wait, your time to answer the petition will expire and depending on the state you live in, that credit card company can obtain a default judgment to garnish your wages or your checking/savings accounts.

What do you do if a company does not refund your money to your credit card within 30 days?

You have 60 days to file a dispute with the credit card company. Call the company who owes you money and tell them they have 48 hours to refund your money or you will do a "chargeback." Companies hate that word because it is like a bounced check, they get charged a $25 fee (varies from state to state). If they do not refund your money, call your credit card company and tell them you want to dispute a charge on your credit account.

With a 594 credit score can you get a credit card?

no. most of credit card company will decline you appilication.

Can a credit card company garnish wages in the state of Oregon?

Can a collection agency garnish wages in the state of Oregon?

Is the use of a credit card considered Interstate Commerce?

Well Yes by the true definition Interstate Commerce would be in affect if you use your credit card to make a purchase outside of your own state. If you make a purchase using a credit card within your state, Interstate Commerce Laws would not affect you but may affect the Credit Card Company.

Can a credit card company contact your parents who have nothing to do with the credit card?


Can a credit card company deny you purchases if someone else at your address is delinquent with the same company?

It depends on the terms and conditions of the credit card company. Ask them to send you a copy if you do not have the one that came with your credit card.

How much is the limit available for a balance transfer for your credit card?

This amount is different for everyone and depends on your specific credit card, credit history, credit card company, etc. The best way to find out what your limit is is to contact your credit card company directly.

Where can I get information on a company credit card?

There are dozens of reliable sources to get further information and input on a company credit card such as checking out Master card or even discover card.

Can you charge on a credit card that is in your bankruptcy AFTER actually filing bankruptcy?

"Whether a debtor keeps credit cards after filing bankruptcy is up to the credit card company. If you are discharging a credit card they will cancel the card unless you reaffirm the debt. Even if you have a zero balance the credit card company might cancel the card."

What is the procedure to Surrender a credit card?

You can simply write to the credit card company and close your account. Then you can cut up your credit card.

What does it mean you are qualified for a credit card?

It means a credit card company wants to put you into debt by giving you a credit card you can use.

Which company provides consumer credit card counseling?

The Consumer Credit company offers consumer credit card counsesling on how to reduce your credit card debt on their website or on their phone number 800 769 3571.