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Yes, the law for Hindus is the same through out India provided they have married as per the Hindu Marriage Act and none of the spouse has changed religion after the marriage. Jidesh Kumar.M.D

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Q: Can a domicile of Himachal Pradesh go for second marriage without informing or divorcing his first wife and is the law the same for all the Hindus across India?
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Learning to spell and informing us of what you are asking is important.

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If you're in the US, generally you're entitled to half of the pension that accrued during the marriage.

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If you marry 2 months after divorce from first is the 2nd marriage legal?

i believe it depends on the laws of the states in which you are divorcing, and/or marrying, if it is one in the same it is dependant on the state divorce laws

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A Muslim can't keep two real sisters in marriage at the same time. He may marry the sister of his wife after his wife's death or after divorcing his wife.

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