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Yes, if it is requested of the mother. If the mother wants child support, then the father has to pay. The voluntary relinquishment of parental rights is generally done to enable the child(ren) to be adopted. All parents have the right to petition the court to terminate their parental rights under the TPR laws. Each state sets the requirements for such action to be granted, and the final decision is left to the presiding judge. When such a decree is granted the parent permanently forfeits all rights to the child(ren) including financial responsibility.

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Q: Can a father give up all rights to a child?
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Your child's father wants to give up his paternal rights and to you what documents do you need?

i would like to know what papers do i need to have the father of my child sign to give up all his rights to my child financial and emotional and physical rights

If mother wants to give full custody of the child to the father what does she have to do?

It is very rare that a Mother wants to give full custody of a child to the Father. To this all a Mother would have to do is choose to sign and give up her rights to the child in court.

Can a father give up all rights to an unborn child?

No. There can be no legal custody actions taken until the child is born.

How can a father give up parental rights if the mother doesnt want the father to have anything to do with the child?

You would have to go to court for all that.

Can a mother give up all rights to the father of a unborn child and not have to pay child support?

Yes, but only if the father willingly gives up the right to child support in the divorce settlement.

Can a Father in Texas legally give up his rights to the child?

A father in Texas can legally give up his rights to the child, but he has to go through the court system to do so. The court will want to avoid having one parent abandon the child if at all possible, and may bring both the father and mother into court for a hearing to determine what is best for the child in this case.

If a child was adopted by another man and now wants to live with the biological father what rights does the biological father have?

None. The biological father has lost all rights when the new father adopted the child.

Does the father have rights to know where the child is at all time if child was removed from his custody?


What happens in the state of California if a father signs over his rights?

Terminating parental rights does not mean you are no longer obligated to support the child so you still have to pay child support. Unless the child is adopted. You will have no rights to the child at all if you have your rights terminated and the court will not give them back so be sure what you are doing.

If a biological father of an adopted child wants rights when he was never there for the child even before the birth?

Adoption means the legal father of the child is not the biological father. By giving up the child for adoption the father gave up all rights pertaining to the child. In court the adoptive parent will be the victor.

When mother has full custody of a child what are the rights of the stepfather vs the natural father?

If the "step-father" has adopted the child, then the step father has all the rights that are normally afforded to a biological parent. If the "step-father" never adopted the child, he has no more rights legally then someone walking in off the street.

If illegal immigrant mother leaves country and father gives up all rights does he still have to pay child support?

If the father gave up all parental rights - then he would not have to pay child support. Plus, if the mother is out of the country and is an illegal immigrant - she would not be a part of the child support system. She would need to be in this country. But, the main things is - if the father "legally" (signed papers) to give up his parental rights, then he is not liable for child support.

If A father gives up all rights in WVwill he still have to pay child support?


How do you get the biological father to turn over his rights?

Without more information to go on, it's rather difficult to give much of an answer. If it's his child, and he wants to be in the child's life as an active father, and he is not abusive to the child, then you don't. You don't try to force him to give away his rights as the father, nor do you do that to your child. Children have a right to know, and be with, their biological parents unless the parents are abusive. Is it a case of two teens and an unwed pregnancy? If so, he still has his rights as the child's father. If you don't want to raise the child, then give him sole custody and sign away your rights. On the other hand, if he doesn't want the responsibility of raising the child himself, but is not willing to sign away his rights, then that's a different matter. But there is no way to force him to sign away his rights. If it's a case where you and the child's father are not together, and he is not involved in the child's life, and you have a husband who loves and wants to adopt your child, then, again, there is no way to force him to sign away his parental rights. In all of the above situations though, if you have custody of the child, you can have the courts force him to pay child support.

Does a father lose all right when signing right to a child's grandparents?

Yes, when you give up parental rights that means all. Not necessarily - you might retain visitation rights. And you definitely retain the right to pay child support.

Can a father give up all his rights in south Carolina but still have to pay child support?

Yes, otherwise the tax payers would have to and that's not right. Parental rights and child support are 2 separated issues.

Can a father give up all rights to his child and not pay any child support in Oklahoma?

Your thinking seems a bit wrong - if you have fathered a child then bringing THAT child up to adulthood is YOUR responsibility - why should other people pay for YOUR child (they have children of their own to raise and need their money for that) - whether or not you give up your rights to see the child has no bearing on your responsibility (to pay) for the upbringing of that child.

How can a person give up their parental rights?

A person can give up their parental rights by signing away their child to another adult. Then this adult will become the guardian of the child and get all the rights.

How do you sign your rights over to the father of your unborn baby?

In all 50 states, you have to wait for the child to be born before you can forfeit your rights to a child.

What are the rights of an unmarried father to the child?

As long as the mans name is on the birth certificate, they have the same exact rights as a man who is married to their child's mother. If your name is not on the birth certificate, you have no rights to the child at all.

If a child has a baby does she have to get married?

No one has to. the paternal father should still support or help however unless he wants to give up all rights.

Can you as a father sign off all rights to your child?

yes you can but you would still have to pay for child support

Can an illegal immigrant mother receive child support if she leaves country and father gives up all rights?

If the father Legally gave up his parental rights - (signed legal papers), then he is no longer legally responsible to pay child support for the child. Did he give up parental rights so you could remove the child from the country? A family member of mine had to have her baby's father sign away his parental rights so he would not have to pay child support when he entered the military. So - once parental rights are signed away Legally, the father has NO obligation to pay child support. You cannot have it both ways - you cannot have him sign away his parental rights, yet still expect him to pay child support.

Does a child from a bigamist marriage have all legal rights to properties owned by your recently deceased father?

Childern have the rights toevery thing that is their father's no matter what! if this chind is the frist child of the deceased he/she has even mre rights, and if their is only one male child it gos to him first.

Can a mother deny the father of her child visitations if she does not like the father's girlfriend?

no, the law states that the father has to disown or give all rights to the mother in order for her to remove him, now if the father has a history of child abuse or something else the court can put a restraining order against him so he isn't allowed near u or the child for so many feet.