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Q: Can a father share a bedroom with his infant daughter?
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Is it illegal for my 12 year old daughter to share bedroom with step father?


Can your son and daughter share a bedroom?

Yes they can share a Bedroom as long as they have different beds. Because otherwise that's just weird.

Can you share a bedroom with your daughter?

Nope if she is over 8 years old

How old does a daughter have to be to stop sharing a bedroom with her mother and father?

There's no age limit. It depends on the child's personality and maturity. She might want to share a bedroom with her parents until she's 12 due to nightmares, phobias, fears, etc.

Can a half sister in her father share in her father estate?

Yes, a half sister can share in her fathers estate if she was the blood daughter of the father.

What relation to my daughter in law's father am i?

None. You do not share a common ancestor. He would be introduced as your daughter-in-law's father.

Can a father share a bed with his 5 year old daughter?


Can my 4 yr old daughter share a room with her father?

no, no she can not

Is it illegal for children to share a bedroom with their parents?

It is not illegal for children to share a bedroom with their parents.

What is the age limit for a child to share a bedroom with a parent?

Depends on if the parent is a make or female. Mom can share a room with her son until he is 3 years old, but she can share a room with her daughter until she is 5 years old. Dad can share a room with his daughter until she is 3, but can share a room with his son until he is 5.

What is the correct use of daughters' or daughter's when writing?

You should write daughter's if you are talking about one daughter, e.g. "it is my daughter's birthday tomorrow".You should write daughters' if you are talking about more than one daughter at the same time, e.g. "this is our daughters' bedroom, which they share".

Is it ok for your 8yr old daughter to share a bedroom with her father and 10 yr old brother?

It depends what the father and brother is like and if you feel that you can trust them. If you have any doubts whatsoever about this then no, its not alright. But if the father and brother are trust-worthy people and aren't absolute brutes or sexual offenders then that is alright, IF THE GIRL FEELS COMFORTABLE WITH THIS IDEA.

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