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Yes, ex-cons can fish in Texas. Hunting maybe an issue unless you bow-hunt...

I live in Oregon and have an old felony from 1982, because I have been trouble free for 10 years, I can even hunt with long guns again. I just can't buy or sell guns.

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โˆ™ 2012-04-26 03:30:21
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Q: Can a felon in Texas still get a fishing license?
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Can a felon still get a fishing license?

yes a felon can depending on what you did you should still be able to

Can a felon in Tennessee still get a fishing license?

Yes. There is no background check for a fishing liscense.

Can you get a Florida fishing license at 15 years old?

You do not get a fishing license in Florida until you are 16. You can still fish.

Can a felon in kansas still get a hunting license?

Possibly. Most license vendors do not have the facility to check a background, but a hunting license would not allow a felon to possess a firearm. They could/would still be arrested for that offense and obtaining a hunting license would actually show intent.

Can a person get a fishing license if owe child support?

Yes you can still get fishing license but you should do a modification if you cant afford to make your high payments.

If your husband is a convicted felon can you still get a nursing license?

As long as you yourself are not convicted, yes you can.

What if you are caught fishing without a license but you are using a net?

you still go to jail

Can a convicted felon still obtain a Illinois Department of Public Health Food Service Sanitation license?


Can you get a Texas id if your Texas drivers license is suspended?

Yes, you can still get a State ID card.

Can you be arrested on a misdemeanor warrant when you apply for a drivers license in another state?

IF I have a warrant in Texas can I still apply for a Colorado license without getting extradited.

If you are over sixteen years old in the state of Texas do you still have to get a permit before your license?

In Texas, in order to get your license without having to get your permit you have to be 18 years or older! Any younger than 18 years has to have a permit for 6 months prior to getting a license!

Can a convicted felon get a license to sell cars in Louisiana?

More than Likely not you may be able to if you were not convicted of a violent crime but still not sure butr most likely no.

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