Can a girl get pregnant if they did not have intercourse but the guy put the semen near her vagina?


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No the semen needs to get in there to make her pregnant.

ACTUALLY they can... there have been reported cases of semen entering the vagina themselves from the outside and getting girls pregnant... thought its rare, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS practice safe sex

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Semen has to be inside the vagina for you to get pregnant.

No, it has to enter the vagina for a girl to get pregnant.

If the semen was on your buttocks then you can't get pregnant. If the semen was VERY near your vagina then there is a slight chance you could get pregnant.

No, a female can only get pregnant if semen enters her vagina.

Any time that fresh semen enters the vagina there is a chance that the woman may become pregnant.

No. Semen must enter the vagina before pregnancy can occur.

The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

Nope, only LIVE semen can get a girl pregnant. Dry semen isn't LIVE semen.

Unless the pillow can release semen into her vagina, no she can not.

no. Semen must enter the vagina in order for pregnancy to occur.

yes she can if it goes up her vagina but anywhere else no

No, unless some semen dripped down into her vagina.

None, as long as there was no contact with the interior of the vagina by anything that came into contact with the semen.

A female cannot get pregnant unless semen is ejaculated into her womb or vagina from the penis. Cunniligus(or sucking/licking) of the vagina will not cause impregnation.

yes, if any sperm comes into contact with the vagina, you can get pregnant

Yes you can get a girl pregnant..if seamen comes out of your penis and into her vagina it can travel up inside her and impregnate her.

Yes. If he had semen on his finger he has also inserted semen into the vagina. There is a possibility of pregnancy.

Yes because the sperm would be transferred into her vagina towards her ovum

A girl will only become pregnant if the sperm enters the body through the vagina. If the sperm enter the body orally, there is no way it can enter the vagina, therefore no way she can beome pregnant.

It's only possible if some of the semen leaks into the vagina.

No! To get someone pregnant the boy's semen have to end up in her vagina.

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