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Yes he can. He possibly has different feelings for you both. He may have feelings of love for you, and caring feelings for her. But he still can have feelings for you both. But what you need to look at, and see is that he is with you. The other girl is his ex and you are with him now!

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I confessed my feelings towards my best friend a girl and she said she kind of likes me but doesnt want anything to happen because she doesnt want to lose the great friend relationship she has with me?

That means she doesn't feel the same way but she doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

How can you tell your best friend that you like him or her by yourself?

tell him/her that you have some feelings for them and ask if they have those same feelings or not

What to do if You and a mate fall for the same girl?

that depends on the situation. but if you want a shortcut, it's simple... first, analyze the situation. next consider the feelings of your friend, then the girl. you must decide on your own. this is a matter about TRUST and LOVE.

How do you handle watching your best friend go out with a girl who is also your friend and start to get mad at him?

Im sorry for you. You have feelings for that girl. You obviously like her. Just take it 1 day at a time and be calm and nice. Choose who you like more, the girl or your best friend, and knock the other one out of your life. Its all you can do, trust me. Ive been in the same situation

What do you do if you and your friend like the same girl and you both just met her?

Talk to your friend first, let him know you like the same girl. Be yourself, respectful and honest. Who does the girl like?

What do you do when you and your friend like the same girl?

talk about it to her

If a girl refuses to be as a friend to the boy who loves her what may be the reason?

Might be that if she doesn't feel the same for you as you feel for her it would be weird being friends since you don't really have friends feelings for her but love feelings. She would always know that it's there.

If your 13 year old girl and start liking your best friend who is also a girl should you tell her or no?

Honesty is the best bet. Otherwise, you'll never know how it could have ended up. If she's really your best friend, she'll accept you even if she doesn't have the same feelings as you do.

What should you do if you asked a girl out and she says no but you still have feelings for her?

Take this from a girl. . .its time to move on. I know its difficult but if she doesn't feel the same it obviosly won't work. If it is truly impossible for you to move on then just be her friend but make your intentions clear.

My friend and i have only gotten to know each other for a bit and randomly asks for a kiss what can i say?

I am elated you asked this question. Do have feelings for this friend? Tell them if you do or not. and if you have feelings for them you should probably date this friend. I went through the same thing but my friend didn't have those feelings for me so i just forgot it but we still are great friends!

Do male cats protect girl cats?

No male cats and girl cats do not feel the same feelings as humans

What do you do if you and a friend both like the same girl?

have a different girl secretly ask the girl who she likes better.

What does it mean to dream about an obsessed friend killing your crush?

You are afraid that your friend has the same feelings with your crush and not literally your friends wanted to kill anyone...

You like your best friend but she is a girl and so are you?

It happens often that we have feelings for someone of the same sex, people won't admit it but the majority of them have felt it. Do you know how your friend feels about female relationships? If it is not her thing then maybe you shouldn't tell her but if you know that she might be open to it confide in her that you like her more than a friend.

What to do if you and your best friend like the same girl?

Three some

Why can a girl not stop thinking about a friend who is a guy?

Sometimes when you have such a good friend in someone and spending time with them as well as sharing things friends share you tend to develop feelings toward them. They can be misleading as well as if divulged can break a friendship up if they do not feel the same towards you.

What does it mean when your best friend holds your hand like you two were dating?

If your same sex and girls its probably just being friends. If your best friend is a guy and your a girl he probably likes you just doesn't know how to state his feelings. If your both guys then ....... wow.

How do you make a girl have the same feelings for you as you do her?

You cannot make someone fall in love with you. You can, however, make yourself attractive and available. If a girl begins to have feelings for you, then wonderful! But if she doesn't, she probably cannot help it.

What does it mean if you keep having the same dream about your boyfriend cheating with the same girl over and over?

You are having feelings of insecurity.

What is Harry Potter's friend Parkinson's first name?

The only Harry Potter character with the surname of Parkinson is Pansy Parkinson. She is not Harry's friend but is in the same year. Pansy is a Slytherin girl who appeared to have romantic feelings for Draco Malfoy. Hermione Granger really disliked her.

How do you cope with unrequited feelings for your best friend?

As they are your best friend, you may choose to tell them because it is somewhat of a right for you because you guys are best friends. It may seem a bit of a shock from them but you should be truthful to your best friend. You may find out that they have the same feelings for you as well

How do you hug a guy friend?

Hug him the same as you do all your other girl friends, if he is just a friend not a love interest then it should be just the same.

What do you do when you like your boyfriends best friend?

Honesty is the best policy. You should be sure that your boyfriend's best friend feels the same about you. Nonetheless, you should be honest about your feelings to your boyfriend and break up even if his best friend does not feel the same about you. If not then you are living a lie and you are going to really hurt your boyfriend's feelings when he finds out and he will find out. Do the right thing!

Im a girl what should you do if you want to make out with your best friend of the same sex?

Well, it really depends. If your best friend also wants to make out with you, then I think you should tell her privately that you have feelings with her. To me, I'm really not sure because I don't have the same desire, but i guess you CAN try. I wish you luck if you decide to take my advice!

What do you do when your best friend tells you they love you or used to love you?

It depends on what kind of love like... i love you (as in boy girl love) or i love you (as in your my best friend and i love you as my best friend) hope this is useful love always charlywarlyiscool ^ Wow... Really? ^ Well, if your best friend loves you, you need to decide whether you feel the same way first of all.. And if you do, then you should probably tell them you have the same feelings before its too late and you spend the rest of your days being disappointed about what could have been. But if you don't love your best friend the same way, then you need to carefully and considerately tell them that you do love them as a friend, but you don't have the same feelings. Always be careful about how you say it, they are your best friend after all. Your best friend isn't someone you want to be careless about when its about this touchy topic.. You don't know what you have until its gone. -M.