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Hippos can't "breath" underwater but they can hold their breath for long periods of time.

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Q: Can a hippo breathe underwater
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Why hippo can not breathe underwater?

hippos milk is pink. sorry i dont know the awnser to your question though

How does a hippo breathe underwater?

It doesn't. Hippos have lungs, just like you and I. If they want to dive, they have to hold their breath. Or they'll choke and drown.

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft?

you can't breathe underwater

How long can a hippo breathe underwater?

Hippos can't "breath" underwater but they can hold their breath for long periods of time. They need to take a breath once every 4-6 minutes.

How long can newts breathe underwater?

newts can not breathe underwater

Can bats breathe underwater?

Bats are mammals, therefore can't breathe underwater Bats are mammals, therefore can't breathe underwater

Can the Arctic fox breathe underwater?

No, the arctic fox cannot breathe underwater.

How long can sharks breathe underwater?

Sharks have gills. They can only breathe underwater.

Can crocodiles breathe underwater?

Crocs CAN'T breathe underwater. When they dive, they hold their breath.

Can snails breathe underwater?

Yes. Snails have gills, which makes them able to breathe underwater.

Can you breathe underwater in Utah?

Without proper equipment no human can breathe underwater anywhere.

Can you breathe underwater?

Human's are not designed to breathe underwater, so technically, no I can't, and neither can you. BUT, we can breathe underwater by using artificial breathing supplies, such as an air tank or snorkel.

How do ducks breathe underwater?

Ducks in fact cannot breathe underwater! They are just like you and I when we swim we hold our breathe, as do ducks.

How do little blue fairy penguins breathe underwater?

Penguins do not breathe underwater, they hold their breath, and then they breathe when they come up for air.

How do scuba divers breathe underwater?

They don't breathe normally on their own.They have to use pressure regulators to breathe naturally, overcoming the extreme pressure deep underwater.A snorkel and oxygen tank help the divers breathe when they are underwater.

Do frogs breathe in the water?

they don't breathe underwater

Can somebody be made to breathe underwater?

Of course not. Humans are only able to breathe underwater for a few seconds.

Can toad breathe underwater?

Assuming you mean toads, not toad from mario, then no toads cannot breathe underwater.

This savana animal is born underwater?

hippopotamus (hippo)

Did hippo breathe through lungs?

Yes they do

What enchantment will help you breathe underwater in minecraft?

The enchantment, Respiration, will help you breathe underwater. Not only that, but it makes your vision clearer while swimming underwater.

What are the sleeping facts about a hippo?

"A hippo sleeping underwater rises and breathes without waking" says Wikipedia

Can dolphins breathe under water?

Dolphins can't breathe underwater because they are mammals. They go to the surface to breathe and then hold their breath while underwater

Can a manatee breathe underwater?

No, it can not.

Can a leech breathe underwater?