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Yes, the lender can file suit for the outstanding amount and if they receive a judgment they can execute the judgment in the manner in which the laws of the judgment debtor's state allow.


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If both parties are named in the judgment, then a lien can be placed against the property of either or both parties. There may be, however, the possibility of appeal and removal of one party due to the dissolution of marriage.

You have marasmus due calorie deficiency. You have Kwashiorkar's syndrome due to protein deficiency. You have night blindness, Bitot's spots, keratomalacia, corneal ulcer, blindness and toad's skin due to Vitamin A deficiency. You have rickets and osteomalacia due to Vitamin D deficiency. You have dry and wet beriberi and Korsakoff's psychosis due to Vitamin B one or thiamine deficiency. You have angular stomatitis due to riboflavin deficiency. You have Pellagra due to niacin deficiency. You have macrocytic anaemia due to folate and cynocobalamin deficiency. You have scurvy due to Vitamin C deficiency. You microcytic hypochromic anaemia due to Iron deficiency. You have goitre due to deficiency of iodine.

It is due to the deficiency of Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

DID the lender get a judgment for the balance due? Demand verification of the debt from CA. NO verification, NO PAY...

Scurvy is due to a deficiency in vitamin C. Rickets is due to a deficiency in Vitamin D. Pernicious anaemia can develop from a deficiency in Vitamin B12.

Your car will likely be repossessed if you did not sign a reaffirmation agreement. If it was included in the bankruptcy, but just not reaffirmed, however, a judgment can not be placed against you for past due amounts or any balance owed. They can, though, slap you with a repossession on your credit record.

Iron Anaemia occurs due to the deficiency of ironas well as folic acid.

I will answer the 1st part of the question "What is a deficiency judgment tied to property".A deficiency balance is whatever is left of a loan when the security has been sold--such as a repoed car is sold for less than the loan amount plus repo costs, storage, title & taxes, the balance remaining on the loan after applying what the car sold for is a deficit balance.A judgment was filed by the lending company to recover whatever money is still due them anda judgment automatically ties to real estate property if the borrower owns a home.

what is your vitamins deficiency if you have boils

Actually, it doesn't just come off your record. It will show as a repossession, but it will show as no balance due.

A writ of execution is a judgment that is placed on an individual or business due to debt. A writ of execution is normally good for 10 years, and then another one needs to be filed to extend the judgment.

A creditor must follow due process as prescribed by the laws of the state where the debtor resides. For a lien to be placed against real property the creditor must first sue the debtor, be awarded a judgment and enforce the judgment as a property lien.

No, if the vehicle is subject to repossession due to a default in the lending agreement, it is irrelevant whether or not the parent agrees to the action.

The second to last sentence should read - Never will a voluntary repossession cost you MORE than a forced repossession. A repo is a repo. Voluntary Repos will, in most cases, save you money due to the cut in fees associated with the repossession. In some cases these fees will not be any less and the cost of a voluntary repo and the cost of a forced repo are the same. Never will a voluntary repossession cost you less than a forced repossession. Either way, voluntary repossession is the decision I would make, due to the possibility of a lesser cost.

Is is common knowledge that the concept of repossession is the taking back of property by a lender or seller from the borrower or buyer, usually due to default.

Because of deficiency of lactase.

Yes. Our newborn was hospitalized for a week due to a calcium deficiency. She was having seizures.

kwashiorkor is a syndrome due to severe protien deficiency whereas maramus (marasmus) is a syndrome due to a deficiency in both protien and calories.

Anaemia is the disease that is caused due to defeciency of Iron....

Xerophthalmia is a condition due to a deficiency of vitamin A due to which the conjunctiva and cornea become dry.

due to calcium deficiency

Ischemia is a temporary, local deficiency of blood supply due to obstruction or constriction of a blood vessel.

Inflammation does not lead to production of enlarged RBCs. B12 deficiency, folate deficiency and some other conditions do.

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