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only if all parties agree to it

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Q: Can a landlord change a contract after signed?
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Can a landlord change the lease after it has been signed?

under no circumstances. it is better to write void on the previous lease if it is not signed by the tenant. ONCE signed by the tenant, there is a legal contract in place.

Is your landlord responsible for the costs for a mold inspection?

you will have to read your contract agreement that you signed for the tenant/landlord relationship.

If a contract has been signed and a deposit paid can the landlord back out of the deal?


Can you have a hamster in a flat?

You would have to check with your landlord, or the contract that you signed, otherwise its OK.

Can landlord take out rent early?

I don't think so. Most of the time; they state when rent is due on the contract that both you and the landlord has signed. Check your contract, lease.

Can a landlord change the contract after it has been signed by both parties?

Only if there is wording in the contract which permits this, or if the law in your state permits certain changes without mutual consent. Otherwise, by tampering with the contract your landlord may have voided the entire agreement. You should probably check with a real estate or civil attorney.

Can a former employer change a severance agreement after signed?

If the right to change the contract was in the original severance contract, yes. If not, no, a signed contract cannot be changed.

Can California landlord modify renter's method of rental payment?

A renters monthly payment can only be modified in a contract. If the contract stipulates a certain method of payment and it is signed, then they can hold the renter to that type of payment. They cannot suddenly change the type of payment.

Can a landlord make you pay court cost if the landlord lost the eviction?

no. don't pay anything if you haven't signed anything saying you are going to pay (contract) it or a judge orders you to pay it.

Can you landlord have you sign a lease and then say you did not get the apartment?

No. A lease is a legally binding contract, which obligates both the landlord and tenant to a tenancy for the term of the lease. If you and the landlord both signed a lease, and the landlord refuses to give you occupancy of the property, you need to see a landlord-tenant attorney or tenant's rights group immediately!

Can a new law change a contract?

No. The contract is bound by the law that existed and was known to the parties at the time the contract was drawn up and signed.

Can a landlord junk your car for money?

Only if you have signed a contract giving him right of repossession. Otherwise it is illegal for him to do so without a court order.

How long do you have after signing a use car contract to change your mind There was no purchase yet and the car is still on their lot?

You have signed a contract. You may have cancellation options listed in the contract, but generally once you have signed a contract, you are bound by that contract. You need to review the contract to know for certain.

Can you cancel a signed apartment lease renewal?

If it is signed by both parties it is a binding contract. The lessee can cancel, but may be subject to cancellation fees. The landlord can cancel if the tenant has broken the lease agreement in any way. This would entail a notice from the landlord to the tenant. If the renewal is signed by only one party, it is not yet valid.

Once a contract is signed can the dealer increase the price and void your original contract?

If you have both signed the contract and it is legally valid, then NO, the seller cannot change the terms of the contract or unilaterally void the contract (unless the contract states that the seller is allowed to do this). If you are in doubt, you need to talk to a lawyer ASAP.

Is a lease a contract signed?

Yes, a lease is a signed contract

Is a Florida lease binding if the tenant signed it but the landlord didn't?

This argument has been raised countless times by many defendants. It's the old "Well on my lease, my landlord signed it but I didn't", it just happens to be its antecedent. But think of that argument in this perspective:The landlord or his attorney wrote the lease.Chances are you've never met the landlord prior to having some sort of interest with them (the place you rented). So how would you have the defendants contract with your signature on it, in your possession?These facts can easily be obtained by asking the respective parties these questions. These questions give rise to the fact that a contract can be binding if both parties act in a way in which a reasonable and ordinarily prudent person would find that a contract existed.Even though the landlord may not have signed the lease agreement, you both acted in a way in which would suggest a landlord-tenant relationship exists. You're therefore bound by your lease.

Can you handwrite a legally binding agreement with your landlord?

Yes. A contract or agreement need not be written on a typewriter or computer to be valid, as long as it is signed by both parties.

How many days should a landlord give you after you sign a contract to decide if you don't want to rent the house?

None. Once the lease is signed, it is binding.

Can you break your lease in the state of Ohio without paying an earlier termination fee if your compnay is moving you out of state?

The lease you signed with the landlord is a CONTRACT. If the company wants you, make them pay up the remainder of the contract.

If a tenant hasn't signed a contract and on day of moving in landlord changes mind where does he stand?

First of all, you don't move into a home until the landlord actually gives it to you, which is hallmarked by the passing over of the key(s). Once you have the key, you have the property or unit in your hand. Usually you are not given the key unless you and the landlord have signed the lease or contract and you have worked out the move-in costs, such as the rent and security deposit. That being said, the landlord could change his mind if he hasn't given you the key(s). If you paid everything beforehand the landlord then must return the money to you. If no money changed hands and no keys changed hands, then nothing has changed-- so get back into your moving truck and go somewhere else!

Can a landlord sue me for an unpaid cable bill?

If you and the landlord made a contract where the cable bill was the basis of the contract and you breached it, yes. If the cable was on when you moved in and the landlord and you didn't discuss it, probably not.

Can you cancel a signed lease if you have not moved in yet?

As you know a signed lease is a contract between you and the landlord and unless you are lucky enough to have an understanding landlord and you have a very, very good reason to break this contract then you are responsible for the agreement in that contract. Usually people have to pay the first and last months rent and possibly a damage deposit and you may lose that. You have tied up the landlord from renting to someone else, so it would be to your best interest to offer to let him/her keep the first months rent. Talk to the new landlord and hopefully your reasons for not moving in are valid and you just haven't found a better place to move too. You may just get lucky.

Do consumers have rights when purchasing a vehicle at a specific contract and then the dealership later decides to change that contract what is the time limitation?

Up to the point where the contract is signed, either party can modify the terms. Once the contract is signed, the deal is done and both sides have to live with it.

As a landlord can you retract a renters agreement within 48hrs?

No. Signed is signed.