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Yes If using latex paint, DO NOT use paint thinner to clean the brush, instead use a wire brush and luke-warm water, wait til dried then it's ok to use again. Bill's Painting Lanc P.A. ______________________________________________

No you really should not use this brush for a water based product again. The residue from the paint thinner will never completely be removed. The bristles of the brush are damaged now and will not give you a clean flow to your next project. Better to chalk it up to experience and invest in a new brush. Make sure when you're purchasing it that the cover says for "latex" paints. You can buy a brush, cover reading: "for all paints", or one, cover reading: "for oil based" . When cleaning your brushes (used for latex paint), wash them out in warm water not cold. Cold water makes the paint set-up (dry). You can use dish detergent, but when I don't, have the pro-brush cleaner/conditioner, i like to use shampoo. It does for the brush what it does for your hair. I also use conditioner for the bristles. After you wash out brush thoroughly, apply conditioner and leave it in the brush. Re-form the shape of the brush as to avoid any stray hairs. Wash it out before you use it the next time.

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Q: Can a latex brush put in paint thinner cleaned and used for latex still?
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What happens if you use paint thinner in latex paint?

Paint thinner made for oil based paint will ruin latex paint. You can thin latex paint with water or flotrol.

What happens if you use paint thinner to thin latex paint?

You will ruin the latex paint. Latex paint is thinned with water. Paint thinner is for oil-based paints.

Is it ok to use paint thinner to thin out a latex based paint?

No, you use water to thin latex paint. Thinner is for oil based paint.

Can you use an oil paint brush for latex paint?

The water in the latex paint will soften the bristles of a brush intended for oil paint, so it is not a good idea.

How Can latex paint be thinned or cleaned up?

Until it dries, latex paint can be thinned with water and cleaned up with water, and soap if desired.

How do you remove spray paint from a paint brush?

I place the brush in a can with some of the relevant thinner for that paint.

How do you make thick paint thinner?

If it's an oil base paint you use paint thinner. If it's latex you use water.

How do you get dry latex paint out of leather?

With Laquer Thinner

How do you remove Polyurethane from your brush?

You'll need: Paint thinner, plastic bowl, and a old towel. Fill the plastic bowl halfway with paint thinner. The paint thinner need only be applied to the bristles, or foam section, of the brush in order to remove the polyurethane. Dip the brush tip into the bowl of paint thinner. Cover the entire brush end with paint thinner. Add more paint thinner to the bowl if needed. Leave the brush in the bowl of paint thinner for 15 to 20 minutes. Allow the paint thinner to fully penetrate the polyurethane within the brush . Remove the brush from the bowl and rinse it with Luke warm water. Do not use cold water as this can cause the brush to harden . Avoid using extremely hot water as well as this can cause the glue securing the bristles to loosen and the bristles will fall out . Pat the brush with a old towel. Hope this helps.

Why does latex paint dissolve into water?

Because it is latex based. -That means water is it's thinner.

How do you remove oil based paint from a brush?

You can remove it with paint thinner.

When would turpentine or paint thinner not be used to clean paint brushes?

When The Paint Is Not Oil Based. example: Latex Paint!

Can you use latex paint thinned with paint thinner?

Sure. The thinner will just evaporate away. If the paint has not been thinned in this way yet, stop. Use water.

Can you use a latex brush for oil paint?

No. There are special brushes for oil based paint.

How do you get paint thinner out of latex paint?

The only thing you can do is wait, until it evaporates. Stir it every now and then.

Does paint thinner ruin paint jobs?

If you put it in water base paint It is hard to clean your brush

When would paint thinner not be used to clean paint brushes?

When you've been using latex paint. Then clean them only in water.

Can you paint over latex paint with alkyd lacquer paint that is for concrete floors?

I wouldn't recommend it. Some of the chemicals in the alkyd will dissolve the latex and the alkyd won't "stick". It's best to remove the latex using laquer thinner or xylene first.

How do you clean oil based paint off of paint brushes?

Oil based house paint, both interior and exterior should be cleaned from your brushes as soon as possible after you have finished painting using varsol, turpentine or other paint thinner. Oil based artist paints should be cleaned from your brushes as soon as possible after you finish painting using paint thinner or a commercially made brush cleaner, dish soap is also a viable alternative that has been used for many years. The substance is made to cut oil and is safe to use on any type of brush. Where as commercial brush cleaners may utterly destroy the bristles.

Will lacquer thinner remove dried paint from a paint sprayer?

It depends on the type of paint. Lacquer thinner will remove most oil based and latex paints from a paint sprayer, however, spray gun cleaner will remove it better.

What is the Best and cheapest for thinning and cleaning latex paint?

Most latex paints are water based, and can be thinned and cleaned with the same. Refer to the can labeling for specific instructions for the paint you are using.

How can you clean a paint brush without paint thinner?

You can clean it in hot water with a lot of soap. I do that anyway, after using thinner and it leaves my brushes soft and smooth.

How do you remove latex paint from vinyl siding?

You can use a product that is called Goof Off to get latex paint off of vinyl siding. You cannot use paint thinner or abrasives because they can scar or damage the siding.

How do you remove wood stain from your paint brush?

Fill the bottom of a coffee can or similar container with paint thinner. Swish the stain-filled brush around in the paint thinner without touching the bottom of the can. Remove the brush and wipe on an old rag. Repeat this process (usually 4 to 6 times) until the brush wipes clean on the rag. Lastly, rinse with water.

Is laquer thinner the same as paint thinner?

NO! Laquer Thinner is used in automotive paint as a reducer. & sometimes a solvent. Paint Thinner thins Oil based home paint and used as a cleaning solvent for paint brush cleanup, Wood Stain, etc..... IF MY FALLEN MEMORY SERVES ME RIGHT., NOT LEFT.

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