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Not unless the leaky hose is causing your engine to overheat, or caused it to overheat and a blown head gasket or warped head was the result. If either of those things happened then coolant getting into the combustion chamber wont burn and will come out the back as white smoke.

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Q: Can a leaking radiator hose cause your car to have trouble accelerating?
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Could the radiator be the cause of overheating on a 1996 impala?

Yes, a restricted or leaking radiator can cause the engine to overheat.

What would cause a radiator water leak from under the hood if not hoses leaking?

maybe your radiator is broken and you need to get a new one or just get a reparation if the radiator starts leaking when is in use it may be leaking because of the pressure of the water.

Why would a leaking radiator hose cause a 350 motor to start working on 6 cylinders instead of 8?

A leaking radiator hose would NOT cause this to happen, you have 2 problems with this vehicle.

Would a leaking radiator cause the check engine light to come on?

if your vehicle has computers, this can cause check engine light to come on,as a coolant leak ends up sending trouble message to computer

What causes gas fumes in the radiator?

A leaking head gasket could cause this.

MY car a 2003 dodge neon sometimes over heating is it because its leaking transmission in the radiator?

If it is leaking trans fluid into the coolant it can cause overheating.

You used water in your leaking radiator for 2 monthscan this damage the thermostat in a caravan 2002?

Running it while leaking can cause it to overheat repeatedly, which can cause thermostat damage , along with other problems.

What is the likely cause of coolant leaking after shutdown on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

A bad or incorrect radiator cap.

Would red clay in radiator cause truck to run rich?

no the red clay like stuff is transmission fluid in your radiator probably leaking from your transcooler

What could cause my Ford focus to have trouble accelerating while the engine light is on?

You have no wheels. - Geoff

What can cause over heating?

Thermostat, blocked radiator, leaking hoses, rusted impellers on the water pump and the worst possibility, a leaking head gasket/cracked head.

If the hose is leaking will it cause it not to run?

Having a leak in a radiator hose will have no effect on the engine running or not. However, in time the hose leak will cause the level of the coolant in the radiator to drop below a critical level and the engine will overheat.

Is it safe to drive a car leaking antifreeze?

No it is not. It could be a problem with the radiator, a radiator hose or a water pump. In any situation, it could cause the motor to overheat and damage it severely.

What would cause a water leak in your 98 Le Sabre?

Where is it leaking from? Could leak from the radiator, hoses, or water pump.

Radiator coolant leaking from beind radiator pouring out more on passanger side near front tire car overheating what can cause this on a 1998 dodge caravan?

Your water pump is bad

What would cause a Vauxhall Frontera to over heat?

Overeheating is usually caused by a bad thermostat, blocked radiator or leaking headgasket.

What would cause your 1999 Dakota to all of a sudden start leaking coolant?

sounds like water pump.check radiator hoses as well

Will a Bad heater core in my 91 ford tempo cause the overflow and radiator to empty?

Only if the coolant is leaking from the heater core, but you will see this.

What would cause a Chevy impala 2003 car to run hot?

intake gasket, leaking radiator and radiator cap, leaking heater core,, air in the sytem that needs to be bleed by the bleed screws,,,but most of all on all these cars with the 3.8 or 3.4 are bad about intake gaskets,,hope this helps

Why does 04 neon's engine light come on and off and when its on the car has trouble accelerating and sometimes starting?

Have it checked for codes. The code should give an indication to the cause.

Will a leaking heater core cause your car to overheat?

A leaking heater core will cause the engine to overheat because the coolant is leaking out.

What would cause a radiator to have suction in it while running?

Cracked head or leaking gasket. The suction is created on the downward stroke of piston during intake stroke.

What would cause my 87 s10 blazer to spray transmission fluid on the underside at high speeds?

possibly you have a leaking cooling line from your trans cooler or radiator

Why is transmission fluid leaking from the radiator on your 2001 Camaro ss?

Because there are lines running from the radiator to the tranny, this lets the fluid flow through and be cooled so that it does not over heat in the tranny and cause damage to your bands inside your tranny.

What would cause the sound of running water when accelerating in a peugeot 106?

Sounds like your water level is running low. Check the level in the radiator reservoir You may also have a leak.