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I guess the lender could make a mistake on the amount and have to correct themelves. Verbally abuse you?? NOT. Call a local attorney for state specific advise.

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Q: Can a lender change the amount they agreed that you owed on a repossessed vehicle the next day and be verbally abusive?
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If a motorcycle is titled in your name but someone else has verbally agreed to pay for it and has possession of it can it be repossessed in Ohio?

Well, someone had the nerve to get a repo title on the bike, but doesnt have the nerve to go get the bike. Am I reading this right? YES bikes can be repossessed in Ohio. One just has to know the laws and how-tos of getting the bike out of the garage. onlinedocs Of course you can repo it as long as they are not upto date on there payments.could we be talking about Tim?

What does sale agreed stc mean?

it means: sale agreed subject to contract - as in the sale of a property where the sale has been verbally agreed and simply awaits the formal signing and exchange of the legal contracts

If you have made a payment arrangment can your car be repossessed?

Only if you have failed to make the agreed payments on time.

Can you repossess a car which you sold to a friend with a written contract stating that if payments are not made as agreed car will be repossessed?


Can your car be repoed if you are not behind on payments?

Technically yes - the vehicle can be repossessed if you are 'in default' of your obligations under the contract. So while the usual way to default on the contract is by missing payments, it is possible for you to be in default by another way, outlined in the contract you agreed to.

What is difference between contract and commitment?

A contract is usually something that is signed and dated and legally binding. A commitment is just something that you have verbally agreed to do.

Do most finance company allow you to pay the late payments and then continue with the agreed contract if the vehile was repossessed?

If your vehicle has been repossesed then your best option is to no longer make payments until this vehicle has been resold; which takes place through an auction. Once vehicle is sold you will receive a final bill for the remaining amount that was left over. The final stage of this process is to settle for 30% or less on the remaining balance.

What is verbal agreement?

An verbal agreement is something two or more parties have agreed to do, agreed not to do or an arrangement made verbally and not in writing. In some jurisdictions a verbal agreement can be binding if there are truthworthy witesses to it, in other jurisdictions it may not be binding.

Who will Dwight Howard play for in 2012-1013 season?

The Atlanta Hawks have already verbally agreed to signing him this upcoming offseason behind the scenes. #watchforit

What if you stop making payments on the vehicle?

It will likely be repossessed and sold at auction, if not redeemed, with the proceeds being applied against the amount owed and subsequest repossession, collections, and legal fees. Keep in mind that you signed a contract. That contract is legally binding, and in most cases, you agreed to suspend many of your rights to property.

If your car is repossessed can they take your house if you do not pay?

NO, they can "attach" the house so that IF you ever sell it, they will be paid FIRST out of the sale proceeds. READ your contract to see what you agreed to when you borrowed the money.

When I bought a car for my kid we verbally agreed he would pay monthly he has not I am lien holder on title what are options now?

voluntary repo or sell the car to someone else who will actually pay.

Can a car be reposessed without having insurance on it?

Of course. If you don't meet the obligations of your finance contract they have the right to reposess the vehicle. Your main obligations are to pay the payments as agreed and keep insurance on the vehicle as agreed. Read your finance agreement. I have seen many occasions when companies have to repo a vehicle because the customer won't keep the insurance on it.

Does a buy here pay here include vehicle registration?

Not usually, depends on the agreed terms. more often than not the buyer is responsible for registration of vehicle.

If you agreed to a lease option verbally but signed a contract for lease only can you get the money that was supposed to go to the purchase?

Hi Written Contracts supercede oral contracts. Some extraordinary circumstance apart, the court will uphold the written contract. Sorry. You just needed to ensure that what you signed was what was agreed.

What will happen if I strip parts off my car before it gets repossessed?

If the bank or the entity that holds title to your car is repossessing the vehicle, that means that they own the vehicle and you have presumably agreed to make payments toward the ownership of that vehicle. If you strip it or damage it in any way, you are liable for the damage you have done, or the value you have removed from the vehicle. It gets worse. If you purposely or knowingly took value from the vehicle, the intent in which you acted toward this end will be seen by the court to cause greater penalties toward your actions. My recommendation: Do what the law says is the right action. By stating that you did not know that your act was against the law will not hold up in court. Good luck.

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Can Wells Fargo put a lien on you for a repo in Florida?

If Wells Fargo was the institution that wrote the loan on the vehicle that is being repoed, they already have a lien on it. This is done to secure the loan you agreed to pay, that you contracted to pay. The other possiblity is that Wells Fargo purchased the loan from the originator, in this case, the same is true. The vehicle being repossessed is a clear indication you defaulted on the loan, you breached the contract. It is not the fault of the lender that you did this. It may be the result of unforeseen circumstances, but it is your responsibility.

Do you have to add a driver to your policy?

If they are driving your vehicle, Yes. It "is" part of the terms of the insurance contract you signed and agreed too.

Emancipate in a sentence?

It means to free. Here are some sentences.Lincoln decided to emancipate the slaves.The judge agreed to emancipate the boy from his abusive parents.The hero helped to emancipate the prisoners.

Can you repo a car in VA for not having insurance?

Yes. All finance contracts have requirements for providing and maintaining Comprehensive and Collision coverage on a vehicle being financed under the contract. If you allow your insurance to cancel without providing replacement coverage, you have violated your contract and the vehicle will be repossessed.

Can a dealership repo a vehicle immediately after the car note was paid in full?

As long as you are in default of something you agreed to in the contract, YES.

Can agencies revise resettlement payments after you've already finished paying off on a verbally agreed sum?

Verbally is NEVER a good idea. Hopefully you have written proof. If so, you can alway submit it to the Credit Bureau. At the very least, you can send in a comment stating you paid in full "per your verbal agreement". Then any Creditors can see that info when they pull your report. If you don't have written proof, you may be out of luck. Try to NEVER do anything verbally. Not all of us are "true to our word".

Will comprehensive insurance fix your vehicle if you hit another vehicle?

And the answer is YES and NO! It all depends on what are the terms and conditions you have agreed upon on your auto policy. You need to be aware of the policy values before you accept it!

What are the forms you need to fill out to get my vehicle back from someone that you verbal agreed to let him use car and that he would pay me on a certain day if not return vehicle you called for m?

call the cops. that is theft.