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Q: Can you repossess a car which you sold to a friend with a written contract stating that if payments are not made as agreed car will be repossessed?
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Will you lose your car if you are late on a car loan by two or three payments and a letter was sent stating you are in breech of contract but you are going to make the payments up to date?

Until you get paid up to date, your car can and probably will be picked up.

If your car is repossessed do you have to pay the balance?

you'll owe what's left on the contract after the vehicle is sold (probably through auction). Example: you owe $2500, the car sells at auction for $500, you owe $2000 because you signed a contract stating you'd pay a certain amount, that's what the creditor is after.

If your car was repossessed is there a law stating how much a finance company can sue you for after it has sold the car?

Sure is, they can get a judgment for the balance due on the loan minus what the car sold for PLUS any fees incurred(repo,attorney,auction,ect.) It should be in the contract you signed.

Can you be evicted if you are late with the full amount of rent but r making payments?

Vague, confusing question. If the LL accepts a late partial payment, he can still sue the tenant for non payment. UNLESS he writes new contract stating he will not do so.

Is it illegal for a towing company to charge you a fee for your possessions from a repossessed vehicle stating it is a cleaning fee and storage fee in the state of CA?


Can an employer stop matching contributions?

Yes, unless you have an employment contract stating otherwise.

How do you sue for work not completed?

if u had a contract stating the work would be completed, yes

If your car is repossessed and you pay off the balance in full to get the car back is the 3-year factory warranty still in effect?

Repossession normally doesnt effect the warranty unless there is some clause in the contract stating otherwise, as long as the title stays in the same name(original warrantee)

Can a finance company repossess your car because you lose your job?

Yes. Normally if you are 3 months behind the finance company can take back the collateral. This is a default. Remember, you signed a contract with the bank stating that you would make your payments. It's not their fault you can't pay. However, any decent bank should be able to work with you in the event you lost your job. The key here is to communicate with them and don't dodge their phone calls. If you are honest with them, you can normally buy yourself a couple of months.

If you are behind two payments and the repo company calls stating they are taking the car but you can wire the money two days later will they still repossess the car?

Carla, the LENDER is the only one who can stop the repo. CALL THEM ASAP and be VERY convincing if ya wanta keep the car. Otherwise you will be back on your feet again. Good Luck

Can you back out of a signed contract within 24 hrs?

You can only back out of a signed contract, if the contract states there is a backout clause. If there is no clause stating you may back out of the deal within 24 hour, you are liable for the contract signed.

Contract Correspondence Samples?

A letter stating a deal is "subject to contract" means that neither party are held responsible until a contract is signed. Using this term in a contract correspondence allows both parties to know that a contract is forthcoming and that nothing is binding as of yet.

How would an incarsarated family member return a new car to the dealership?

Well first off, it's not like he could get a refund. If he is simply going to let it get repossessed, he can have someone else drop it off & he can send the lienholder a letter stating he is voluntarily letting them repossess the vehicle, along with location of where it was left. Voluntary repossessions avoid additional charges, towing, repossession fees,etc.

Can a lienholder repossess a car if they are on the title and the borrower hasn't paid anything in three months and signed a paper stating they will turn over the vehicle if not paid?

I would think so.

What are NFL contracts?

A contract is something stating that you work a certain amount of years for a certain amount of money

If you signed a purchase contract stating that the buyer would finance can you cancel the contract if you can't get a loan?

It depends upon the specific terms and conditions of the contract. If the contract simply states it is the buyer's obligation to secure financing, then you can NOTcancel the contract. If the contract states that the agreement is conditional upon the buyer's ability to secure a loan, then you CAN cancel the contract.

How can I repossess my car that someone bought from me?

Scenarios: 1. If you sold the car for cash, and the buyer paid you in full, you have nothing to repossess. 2. If you signed the title (aka pink slip) and the buyer had their name listed as Registered Owner, you no longer own the car - nothing to repossess. 3. If you sold the car and did NOT sign the title, and allowed the buyer to make monthly payments to you, AND the buyer has defaulted on making payments for some specified time, you MIGHT have some rights in regards to respossessing the vehicle. 4. If no written agreement was made (and properly signed) at the time of sale specifically stating the monthly payment arrangements - in other words a handshake deal - you MAY not have any recourse. Before proceeding, please consult legal help on this matter - Don't take what you may think is the law into your own hands.

Are you able to get out of the marine corps while being in for 2 years?

You should be unless you signed a contract stating otherwise...

If transaction has already occurred and someone is stating that the money loaned was a gift how do you prove that it was a loan only?

* Unless you have a contract of sorts stating this was a loan and a date, the amount of the loan and this person's signature along with your signature on it you can't prove this is a loan and not a gift as it would hearsay only. Without the contract, sorry but you are out the money.

The phrase in the Declaration of Independence stating "that governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" illustrates the principle of?

the Social Contract theory

If a contract doesn't include time is of the essence clause how and when can that contract be changed to time is of the essence?

Serve a notice to complete on the other side, stating that time is of the essence, clearly indicating the time, date, place, etc for completion/ performance of the contract

Can you lose your house after a judgment was put on your house and you have been making payments but now they want the full amount?

Depends on the wording of the contract you signed. Sometimes the ciontract has a clause stating the bank may request all payment to be paid immediatly. I've never heard of it actually happening before though.

What are the repossession laws regarding private parties?

It can be done but you pretty much have to follow the same rules as the major lenders. Ie: written contract stating that if payments aren't made, the lienholder can repo, perfected liens, etc. Best thing to do is contact a local repo company and they can tell you exactly what you need to do it.

Will charlaine harris end the Sookie series with 10?

No. She recently signed a contract stating that she will write a few more books.

Can someone sell your horse if its on their property?

This depends greatly on the local laws and if you have a contract with them. If you are boarding your horse with someone and they have a contract that you signed stating that if you got behind on payments or didn't show up within a certain amount of days to care for your horse, they could take the horse and do as they please with it, then yes they can sell it. However if you did not sign a contract then likely they cannot seize your horse unless they can prove you were neglecting it by not caring for it in some way. If you did not have a contract with someone threatening to sell your horse you need to call the local police and have them help you remove the horse from the property.