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No, but it could get you a criminal record.

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They mate. The male dog inserts his penis into the female dog's vagina. The male dog then humps the female dog, and then the male dog ejaculates semen into the female dog's vagina.

It's called dominance humping, and there's nothing sexual about it. Basically they're trying to sort out their hierarchy and who calls the shots.

No, if you have a pregnant male dog it is a female.

A male dog humps your leg to show dominance. This is a sign that you have to take control and train the dog so that he knows that you are the leader of the pack.

I don't think it works that way. Humans can only get pregnant by other humans.

By mating with a male dog.

A bitch (female canine) becomes pregnant by having sex with a dog! The word dog implies a male canine, and male canines cannot become pregnant.

A female dog does not go into heat while pregnant.

For same reason your husband humps the neighbor's wife after a vasectomy. Because he can.

This is probably just playfull behavior. Some dogs have a bad habit of humping everything so it may also be that. 2nd Answer: Whether a male dog humps your leg or another male dog, the purpose is to establish dominance. My dog made the mistake of trying that on a male pit bull one time.

Your dog will get pregnant and gain weight.

No you can no, its only their tounge, sperm does not come from the mouth.

Yes. She'll just be so traumatized by the lack of semen.

No, the sperm must be deposited in the vagina while the female is fertile for her to become pregnant.

If the male has not been neutered and/or the female has not been spayed, then yes. And unneutered dog can get any unspayed female dog pregnant.

Like breed her? Female will usually only allow a male on her when she is in heat.

A dog chases a male man in an effort to steal his identity. A male man pants and humps a female despite the fact that she is not in the mood. The dog is only immitating the greatness of mankind - a dogs best friend.

I always believed a female dog could only get pregnant by one male dog at a time.

Yes. You can get pregnant no matter how old either one is.

No. As far as I know they don't do sex change operations on dogs. There is no need for it. If you neuter a male dog, he will still be a male dog, but unable to make a female dog pregnant. That's all.

When your dog humps the bed, it just simply means it needs to mate.Get a fixed dog & let them "play". or if your dog is a pup, they just simply do it out of immaturity.