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Can a man change his alcoholic and abusive behavior after going to prison?

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Yes, in many cases they can. Even as a prisoner you may have to receive psychological counseling, but no one can force that prisoner to better themselves (many do.) He won't be doing too much drinking and could be doing some drugs in prison (they get it somehow). For what it's worth ... stay away from him and get on with your life!

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What are prison subcultures?

prison subculture is the way of life by which each prisoner lives. such as behavior patterns

Why did Hitler get out prison early?

For the Putsch, Good behavior

How would an abusive ex feel when he saw you sitting in a courtroom without emotion when he was sentenced?

Only he alone knows how he feels, but, my guess would be he'd have resentment towards you because in his abusive state towards you (the victim) he does not truly believe he has done anything wrong. Abusers take total control of their victims and they feel that the victim is their property just like their home and car. Jail or prison time does not generally help abusers nor does counseling. The stats are very low that abusers will ever change. Good for you for taking this abusive behavior to the court system and you should be proud of yourself. Marcy

Do you get credit for good behavior in prison?

Not on your credit report. Dream on.

Did Mindless Behavior go to prison?

No because if they did something wrong

What is an individual behavior adjustment unit?

An individual behavior adjustment unit often refers to a prison cell of some kind. These terms are used to speak more politely about the prison systems.

Did prison inmates have any opportunities to improve their education?

Yes, in today's prison system inmates with good behavior can attend classes or get a GED while in prison.

How long do abusive parents go to jail or prison?

It depends on the case. Sometimes they don't go to jail at all.

When is lil Wayne going to be released from prison?

lil Wayne will be released from prison Thursday November 4th for good behavior

Who is prison girlfriend from Mindless Behavior?

Beauty or star from the omg girlz

Is possible to get out of prison before time?

yes only if you have good behavior and get paroll

Does the prison system work?

The prison system works if the inmate is ready to change...

How much time do you serve in TX prison on a 6 year sentence?

Six years, but more or less depending on your behavior while in the prison.

Can you legally change your name in prison?


How do you go from being in a maximum security federal prison to a medium security prison in federal prison?

It would be most dependent on your past record, the nature of the offense you were convicted of, and your behavior while in max.

How do you make a sentence with asserted?

the asserted man goes to prison because of his forcefull behavior

Why do abuse programs say that an abuser must want to change before they can do anything when the whole point of an ABUSER program shoud be an environment that forces abusers to change?

View it as you would a person convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison. Why has the person stopped committing the particular crime? Obviously because he is forced to be in an environment that won't allow him to rob, rape or murder. It does not mean that once he is released, he won't chose to committ the crimes he did previously.An abusive person can be locked up, but will they stop being abusive once they are released? Probably not, and the abusive behavior can be worse than before, as the abuser feels increased resentment towards people he felt were "forcing" him to change. Unless a person is ready to admit they have abusive behaviors and that they are abusive towards an individual(s), they are not going to be willing to accept any kind of counseling on abuse or anger management, and they are less likely to feel guilt or regret over their abusive histories. Is counseling and therapy for abusers an ideal solution? Obviously not, as a great many abusers will never see their behavior as wrong or believe they are the ones that need treatment for it.AnswerThe point is (1) that an abuser must honestly recognize that he/she is abusing one or more other person, (2) acknowledge that it is wrong and (3) learn new patterns of behaviour. There's no quick fix - and in many cases there may be no solution at all, other than to leave them.

What is the difference between a behaviour and consequence?

A consequence is the end result of the behavior. The behavior is the act. The consequence is the result. For example, the act (behavior) of armed robbery could lead to the consequence of a prison sentence.

The Stanford prison experiment showed that?

The Stanford Prison Experiment demonstrates the powerful role that the situation can play in human behavior. Because the guards were placed in a position of power, they began to behave in ways they would not usually act in their everyday lives or other situations.

If a woman kills her abusive husband she has to serve more time in prison than a man who kills his wife Why does this difference exist?

Because people are sexist.

How were the prison guards abusive in Alcatraz?

That is just a claim. But, there was a guard named Freeman "Punch-drunk" Pepper. I have only thoughts about how managed to earn such a nickname.

What was Zimbardo's role in the Stanford prison experiment?

Zimbardo's role in the Stanford Prison Experiment was as Superintendent. He was also the man behind the experiment tracking the changes in personally behavior when people were thrown into their role as a prisoner or a prison guard.

What has the author Michael A Smyth written?

Michael A. Smyth has written: 'Prison rape' -- subject(s): Sexual behavior, Male rape, Prison violence, Prisoners, Sex crimes, Prison administration, Prisons in mass media

Do women in prison ever change their mentality of thinking as far as having a true relationship?

NO, prison won't change a person's mentality; only the person can do that themselves.

How much time do you serve in a federal prison on a 9 year sentence?

You serve 85 to 95 percent of a federal prison sentence. The 10 percent window is based on your behavior.