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No Muslim man or woman can marry a Hindu man or woman.

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Can a Hindu married man get married with a married Muslim woman without divorcing his first wife?

In most (not all) countries, it is against the law to be married to two or more people at once. Also, it is usually illegal for a married woman to marry another man (polyandry).

Is it possible to go to mecca to perform haj to a Muslim girl who got married to a Hindu but still a Muslim?

NO!! if you get married to a Hindu and if you are a MUSLIM WOMAN, you are NOT A MUSLIM ANYMORE!!

Is shahrukh khan a Muslim or Hindu?

Was a Muslim, converted to Hindu when married to his wife.chlidrens are Hindu. He did that because is wife is Hindu and he loves her a lot that is why he converted

Can Muslim women get married to Hindu men?

a muslim women can not marry any men who is not muslim

What shariyat a Muslim girl has to follow if she want to marry a Hindu boy?

The marriage between a Muslim girl & a Hindu guy is forbidden whatever is the creed of that Muslim girl. She can be married to that Hindu guy only if he becomes a Muslim.

Can a Hindu girl marry a Muslim boy neither of them changing their religion?

NO, the HIndu girl will have to change her religeon to get married to a Muslim MAN

Can you possible to Hindu girl marry with Muslim married person?

i am hindu and I want to marry with muslim married boy his wife not want to divorce at last one and half years......

How can a Muslim married man marry a Hindu girl without divorce to Muslim wife and without informing first wife?

muslim man can't marry without telling his wives and they have the choice to stay with him or not Muslim man can marry muslim woman or woman belive in god ex: christian or Jewish .

What is sharukhan's religion?

his religion is...... MUSLIM even though he is married to a Hindu

Is shahrukhkhan Muslim?

He was brought up as a Muslim but then married a Hindu women. He now believes in both religions.

Can Hindu man marry Muslim woman without channging religon?

no because the Hindu man worships Hindu gods and Muslim women worship the one god Allah so they might have fight of what religon is better so it better if Muslim women marry Muslim men and Hindu men marry Hindu women that for no fight TIP:REMMEMBER THAT YOU CAN MARRY A HINDU MAN IF YOU Change RELIgon AnD YOU caN marrrY A MUSLIM WOMEN IF CHAnge REliGoN

Is Katrina Kaifs mum turning into a Muslim?

she is both christain and Muslim but Katrina is Hindu and Muslim'

How many Hindu boys have married Muslim girls in India?

A: The Indian government acknowledges that Hindu men do marry Muslim women but does not keep statistics on the numbers involved. _______________________________________________________________ No statistics are available.

Can Hindu boy marry Muslim woman as per Hindu rituals without changing religion of woman?

No, because the Muslim woman should not marry a non-Muslim man. If the woman does marry a Hindu, the marriage would not be legal according to the religion's law.

Is shah ruk Khan Muslim?

All Khans are muslim or part muslim where one of their parents are Muslim. So that make Saharukh Khan a muslim, a non practicing but devoted muslim who is married to his Hindu wife. Saharukh Khan said in one of the interviews that his kids follow both Hindu and Muslim faith at home.

Is hajj valid for a Muslim woman who married Hindu man?

She can not do hajj when her marriage is forbidden in Islam

Do Hindu girl have to change name when married to Muslim guy?

Well a Muslim man is not allowed to marry a Hindu woman anyway according to shariah and so name changing wouldn't even come to be

Why Muslim girls like Hindu boys?

It is not a rule. Many Muslim boys also in India may like Hindu girls. However, per Islam religion marriage rules, Muslim girls are allowed to get married to only Muslim boys or boy converts to Islam.

Can a Muslim boy marry a Hindu girl without creating much scene in a place like India?

In Islam , a muslim is not allowed to marry a hindu girl , but a muslim can marry Ahle Kitab i.e. a christian or jewish girl .

AR.Rehman is Hindu or Muslim?

A. R. Rahman's father was Hindu and mother was Muslim. The name given to him at birth was Dilip Kumar. He brought up as a Hindu during his childhood. By early adulthood he was practising atheism. Then he converted to Islam in 1989 at the age of 23 and changed his name to Allah Rakha Rahman. Now he is married to a Muslim and embraces the Islam faith. However, he lives cordially with Hindu and Muslim members of the family.

Is shaheer sheikh a Hindu?

he is not an hindu, he is a muslim

Is bohemia Hindu?

Bohemia is not a Hindu. He is a Muslim.

Is mahesh bhatt a Muslim?

He was born to a Hindu father and a muslim mother. He is a Hindu-Muslim, mostly being raised by his mother.

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