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Can a mast power antenna be replaced with a regular antenna on a 2004 Toyota Celica?



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Why yes! You can reach into the trunk (if it's in the trunk as usual) and unplug the antenna cable (pull it off) it may take a little tugging. It is the cable that plugs onto the side of the motor pack. Then unbolt the hanger strap nut (a 10 mm nut). Push the threaded part back out of the hole to release the assembly from the frame. Next take a pair of needle nose pliers and wrap your hand around the pointed ends of the pliers to hold them in the notches of the antenna hold down ring on outside of car. There is a special tool (SST) for this, but I have never seen one. You must do this VERY CAREFULLY or risk slipping out of the notches and scratching the crap out of your paint! I have found using one hand to squeeze the plier ends allows control of where it goes. Once the ring is loosened, remove it by unscrewing it from the assembly by hand. You should be able to pull the plastic part off and the rubber body seal gasket. Unplug the electronics by pushing in the white plastic tab on connector and pull it apart. Push hard on tab and once again, wiggle/pull to separate connector. You will likely have drain hoses to remove from the unit and push onto new unit. You should be able to buy a fixed antenna mast with a plug in for the antenna lead from Toyota or an aftermarket store. and simple attach it like the old one minus electronics connector. On the older ST models, there was no motorized antenna. QUESTION: Why not replace antenna as is? Cost? -If mast is damaged, (bent over) you can (VERY CAREFULLY)cut the mast off around the lowest point with a small hacksaw or Dremel tool with a reinforced carbide disk, BEING CAREFUL to cut only through the surface of metal, as the antenna extend/retract cable is on the inside of the tube. (There is a retainer that is pushed down in the assembly to keep the antenna from pushing out of the hole. Remove this with your pliers by using just enough pressure to grab it and pull it out.) Once the mast is cut off, you can get to the end nuts of the mast and lead and using two needle nose pliers (they are tiny nuts) unscrew them. Then all you need is a new mast to screw on to the lead end, and you have someone turn on and back off on the radio to make the motor pull the lead in while you help guide it by hand. I do this by myself, but you must be quick. Then, just push the retaining piece back into the hole and screw in the retainer ring and tighten with pliers carefully. The last time I priced the mast it came separate for about $27. Yours may come with the lead attached and the winding "bell" and be higher. If the lead is broken, you will hear the motor trying do it's job...with no joy. You have to replace the lead. But that is good. At least it is fixable. That requires opening up the antenna unit cover to install the new lead which is attached to the "bell (which is attached with four screws to the inner gear hub). YOU MUST KNOW that the antenna is "EXTENDED" if you do this!!!! Turn radio on before beginning work, listen for motor to cycle, then PULL APART ELECTRONICS CONNECTOR! That way, when the car is turned off, the radio doesn't tell the motor to retract the antenna again. IF YOU FAIL TO DO THIS, OR TRY TO WIND THE LEAD INTO THE BELL WHEN REPLACING IT, YOU WILL SHEAR THE GEARS (plastic parts) AND WILL HAVE TO BUY A NEW UNIT! No parts available. The reason? The lead will either be fully extended and the motor will try to keep extending it, jamming the gears....or if you wind the lead up when assembled, the motor will try to retract...and jam the gears because you already rewound the lead. The motor is powerful enough to rip the gears apart and will! I know this sounds complicated, but go slow and have a well-lit table indoors to take apart the assembly. Carefully note what position every part and nut is in when you open up the unit. ALL PARTS MUST REMAIN IN EXACT position! When you undo the four screws to remove the "bell" hold down the plastic center part while removing the "bell" so it stays engaged with the other gears. Also look to see the marks on the hub and where the "bell" fits on it. You will notice there are crimped spots where the lead attaches. Where are they when the original bell is attached to the hub? Remember this! If you look hard at everything, you can do this, but take it slow and study it! I broke a few until I learned how to do this. The Toyota dealer could repair it too. But check the cost, because a new unit may not be much higher and you can bolt it in yourself. -Or go to a junkyard and get a good unit for 1/3 the price and do the same. Hope this helps!