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Can a minor buy a car with a companion?

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Minors that have not been legally emancipated cannot be held to the terms of a contract. You must be at least 18 to sign a contract. If someone is willing to co-sign with you and take full responsibility, you would be able to buy a car. If there is no contract involved, you are paying cash for the car, there shouldn't be any problem.

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Can a minor buy a car in Tennessee?

Yes, a minor can buy a car in Tennessee. However, the car will not be able to go in the minors name until he or she is 18 years old.

A contract can be valid if the person is a minor?

A minor can only make contracts if the contract involves necessary interactions. For example a minor can buy groceries while he can not buy a car.

Can you buy a companion for a pony on Howrse?

Yes, you can buy a companion for any of your horses or ponies.

Can a minor buy a car buy themselves?

A minor can purchase a vehicle on their own. They may not be able to register it under their name depending on the state laws.

Where can you buy the New phoenix companion on HorseIsle?

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What happens if a minor gives permission for another minor to drive a car?

If the minor does not own the car and lets another minor drive the car, that is Grand Theft, Auto.

Can a minor register a car?

No, a minor cannot register a car. A minor cannot register a car because it is one of the privileges that a minor does not enjoy. When registering a car the personal official documentation is usually required.

Can minors own a car?

The general rule...In general, a minor cannot enter into a contract. They are also not allowed to own property. The parents of the minor will technically own the property. If a parent will agree to Co-Signer the auto loan, then the minor can buy the car. However, the parent who co-signed the car will be the legal owner.

What if you buy a minor alcohol?

Then the minor will have alcohol.

Where's the best place to look for refurbished car seats for a Morris Minor?

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Should you buy a companion horse?

horses are herd animals and are much more well suited to having a companion.

How can a minor get a car loan?

A minor can not get a car loan ithout a parent signing the papers.

Where can i find Eagle arms companion 20ga shotgun parts?

Buy my 20 g companion,and there are your parts?

What happens if a minor buys a car?

It is illegal to sell a minor a vehicle without the parent or legal gaurdian on the deal as well. It is not illegal to buy a car if you are a minor. A minor has the right to enter into a contract (both verbal and written) for anything. However the minor may set aside the whole and not part of the contract before they reach the age of majority. The adult who makes the contract is bound to the contract terms. The only exception is if the minor enters into a contract for an item of necessity to minor's subsistence. Such examples are food and housing. The last question is to determine if a car is a necessity to a minor

What is the best car to buy second hand?

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The driver of a car is a minor driving mother's car and minor is not listed on NM automobile insurance Minor hits pedestrian Who is liable?

The mother is liable

Is it illegal for minor to buy gun in Montana?

It's illegal for a minor to buy a gun anywhere in the US.

What happens if you buy a car from a minor and it turns out to be a lemon?

You are out of luck, a person cannot have a contract or a sale with a minor, it is against the law in most countries. Try and salvage what you can with the car, hopefully you might find someone who is able to help you either fix it or sell it for scrap.

While driving under the influence and having a minor in the car?

when u have a minor in the car it can cause serious damage and if the minor is in the front seat and gets hit by the airbag the minor could die.

What is 6 letter car name that is the same as a lady's companion?


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Can you put a lien on a car I sold to minor and she won't pay for?

It is possible. If the minor is your child and the child is still a minor, you can take the car (as a repo). If the child is no longer a minor, you may have to go through channels.

Can a minor buy an energy drink?

Yes but it is not good for you and the person you buy it from will give you a weird look but yes it is legal for a minor to buy an energy drink

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