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Can a natural tooth be grown right from the root for the third time?


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2007-05-12 19:56:23
2007-05-12 19:56:23

No. Human teeth can't be regenerated. Once a tooth is formed the special group of cells that formed the tooth is lost. Dental researchers are looking at ways to actually grow new teeth from stem cells, but it will be many years in the future before that is available to dental patients. However we do have many ways to replace missing teeth including dentures, bridges, and implants (artificial tooth roots).


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you can sometimes grow a third tooth if your lucky

The third adult molar is also called wisdom tooth.

Yes. and no. A tooth can only grow back after extraction if the tooth is a baby tooth. if the tooth is a grown up tooth than no it will not grow back. The only way to get a grown up tooth back is if you go to the dentist and get a fake one in place of the other one.( P. S. i love chickens.)

Upper right, third from the back if you have all your wisdom teeth. Otherwise, start counting with the right-front incisor as #25.

a horn which is a tooth that is over grown

Because the grown up tooth pushes through the gum which makes the baby tooth get looser and eventually falls out.

No, teeth cannot be grown back. Your vet can check the tooth and could possibly file down any sharp edges, or even remove the tooth if it is getting in the way or causing pain, but a tooth cannot be grown back.

Normally a wisdom tooth is a third molar.

After they are fully grown in and your dentist approves of it.

You must go to the dentist.Your other tooth[grown up] could crack the baby tooth or the other way around.

Yes indeed. It is the third molar (wisdom tooth)

Yes, all of your teeth must be fully grown in to get braces. Braces are glued to each individual tooth. Therefore, if one tooth were to fall out while the wearer had braces, the new tooth would be unaffected by the braces.

well i'd have to check but what do you mean a full grown lion or a baby? So far i don't know how big a full grown ligers is but i do know what the liger Hercules tooth is its about twice the size of a grown mans thumb

Any of your "grown up" teeth.

Right below the enamel of a tooth is the Dentin and below that in the center of the tooth is the Pulp.

the tooth to the right of the canine is a premolar the one to the right, is an incisor.

An extra tooth that is very rarely grown after wisdom teeth

No, not after the tooth has grown to its full size.

about 2 or 3 weeks for it to come out a little bit and about 1 month to have a full grown tooth

I had this problem. You go to the dentist and he pulls it. Also, braces. No fun.

shark tooth syndrome is when you are growing a second row of teeth behind your already grown in ones. like a shark.

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