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Not if the leasing contract has been signed

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Q: Can a new lease agreement be broken if the present leasing contract has not expired?
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Does a verbal agreement hold up in court?

In certain circumstances, a verbal agreement will hold up in court. All the elements of a contract must be present: Offer, acceptance, and consideration.

What are the five elements which must be present in a contract to make it valid?

Agreement Consideration Legal Object Competent Parties Legal Form

What is the noun verb and adjective of the word contract?

The word 'contract' is both a verb and a noun.The verb to 'contract' is to make smaller or to become smaller; to acquire or incur; to enter into a formal agreement; a word for an action.The noun 'contract' is a word for an oral or written agreement between parties; a document on which an agreement is written; a word for a thing.The noun forms of the verb to contract are contractor, contraction, and the gerund, contracting.The adjective forms of the verb to contract are contractible, the present participle, contracting, and the past participle, contracted.

Does a contract have to be in writing to be void under the statute of frauds?

According to the statute of frauds, the agreement may be verbal if a witness is present and is sworn under oath.

What tax condition must hold in order for a financial lease transaction to generate positive net-present-value tax benefits for both the lessor and lessee?

"Leasing is only beneficial when the present value of the benefits of leasing exceeds the present value of the costs of leasing." - Corporate Financial Management, Third Edition, by Douglas R.Emery, John D.Finnerty, and John D.Stowe

Is a verbal contract a legal contract in Florida?

It depends on what the contract is for. If you are agreeing to anything involving real property, the contract must be in writing to be enforceable. However, oral contracts are enforceable for many things.Added: With the exception noted above, in certain instances [i.e.: if witness(es) was present at the agreement and can testify to it], it may be.

How much does a lawyer need to be present during a buy sell agreement?

If you are planning on making a buy sell agreement, a lawyer should be present so that any legal aspects will be covered. The time necessary for him to be present would depend on his familiarity with the agreement beforehand.

Why are you leaving your present position?

end of contract

Can your room mate sue in small claims if there was no written contract?

No, if the contract never existed than he/she should get a lawyer present to discuss the matter t hand. Certainly they can sue. Whether they will be successful will depend on the agreement and what can be inferred from the actions of the parties. Paying rent and its acceptance certainly would indicate some sort of understanding and a contract could be inferred.

When will present Justin Bieber contract end?

October 48th

President may make a treaty if he gets agreement from who?

two thirds of the senators present

If a pk of bc pills expires at end of present month are they still good after that date?

No, i had a pack that was expired and i talked to my pharmacist about it and she said that they will NOT work if they are expired and there is a chance you can get pregnant. I would not take them after the expiration date.

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