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A parent has visitation rights unless the Judge orders otherwise.

If the offending parent gets arrested and convicted the custodial parent can file in court and POSSIBLY have the visitation rights revoked.

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Q: Can a noncustodial parent that sells drugs have the right to visit his child?
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What age does a child have the right not to visit noncustodial parent in MN?


Can a noncustodial parent who gets arrested for drugs have the right to visit the child?

Yes they can but it's up to the court to decide based on the crime etc. Prisoners have the right to petition for visitation.

What right does a custodial parent have to enter the noncustodial parent house?


Does the non custodial parent have the right to move within the state and not tell the custodial parent the address and phone number?

Generally the noncustodial parent may move anywhere - within or outside the state where the children live. The court grants the noncustodial parent the right to visit the children but does not force the noncustodial parent to take advantage of that right. However, a court may require the noncustodial parent to provide the custodial parent with contact information and, where issues develop about the care or safety of the children, the court may require supervised visitation or at least that the noncustodial parent advise the custodial parent where the children will be.

Does a noncustodial parent have the right to make a minor child take out a facial piercing in their home?

That depends on what agreement you have with the custodial parent. If it's a hot topic I would suggest the custodial parent deal with it.

What rights does a noncustodial parent have to a child?

The child has a right to see the parent if she wishes. The wishes of the child should be of paramount importance. Unless there are certain court orders in place (restraining order, protection from abuse order, divorce decree or Parental Rights and Responsibilities) or if the noncustodial parent has a criminal record for a sexual offense, the noncustodial parent does have rights. However the things they do should be with consideration for the child and custodial parent in mind.AnswerUnless they have been determined to be unfit the non-custodial parent has the right to request a visitation order from the court with jurisdiction over the case. Once the visitation order has been established the non-custodial parent has the right to enforce that visitation order, exactly as stated in the order, unless it is modified by the court. The non-custodial parent has the right to be informed about important aspects of the child's life such as medical conditions and treatments, school attendance and school functions, sports programs, etc.

In Michigan can the noncustodial parent take the children out of state on vacation without the custodial parent's permission?

Yes, as is their custodial right.

Does the noncustodial parent have to notify the custodial parent if they go on vacation with the children out of state and have the children miss school days?

The non-custodial parent must notify the custodial parent of their intentions and the destination of their vacation. The custodial parent has the right to know where the child will be. Also, it is unlikely the visitation order provides that the non-custodial parent can keep the child out of school for a vacation. They would have no automatic right to do so. They would need the consent and cooperation of the custodial parent.

Can a 14 year old choose to live with the noncustodial parent if the custodial parent is abusive in Florida?

See related question, but you do not want to complain to family services, as the child will simply be put into foster care, than returned to the custodial parent. In less than 15% of the cases do they give the child to the other parent. The other parent will need to collect evidence and file a custody challenge. The child has the right to an opinion, but not to choose.

Do you have the right as a noncustodial parent to put your child up for adoption?

Not without the other parent agreeing to the relinquishment of his or her parental rights as well. Any parent can file for the voluntary termination of parental rights. It is the judge's decision whether it will be granted, and if so, to what extent. A TPR is not a legal instrument to be used as a way for a parent to be relieved of their responsibilities to their minor child or children.

Can someone keep their son away from the other parent?

yes you can butt that wouldn't be right to the other parent unless they are not paying child support or if they use drugs or they beat the kid

How is child support affected when a child doesnt want to visit a noncustodial parent?

it's not affected. Child support, visitation and custody are separate issues in court. The child has no right to refuse and it is the parents job to make sure the court order for visitation is upheld. There will be consequences if the court order is broken.

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