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NO locked anything in any state. CALL a local atorney for state specific advice.

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Q: Can a person go into a locked garage in Virginia to repo a car and can they move another car by force to get to it?
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Can a car be repossed from neighbers driveway?

YES. The repo company can take the car from anywhere they want with the exception of a boot on the vehicle and/or the vehicle is in a locked property such as behind a locked fence surrounding the property or locked inside of a garage. If you do not let the person onto your property with a locked fence surrounding this is a voilation of the law and ofcourse YOU can have them arrested on the spot.

In Georgia Can a repossession company remove your car from your locked garage if the car was a gift and not in your name?

A repossession agency cannot enter a garage locked or otherwise to recover a vehicle unless the agent has a replevin (court) order to seize the vehicle. Additionally, a vehicle cannot be gifted in the usual sense, to another person unless there is a clear title, meaning the vehicle has been paid for in full and there are no lien holders. If the title is not in the person's name who has the vehicle, they do not own the vehicle.

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Can a car be registered to one person and insured by another in Virginia?

No. You can only insure a vehicle that you own. The only situation where this is different is a married couple.

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What is involved in a Repossession of a vehicle in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, a truck or car finance company can hire a repossession company to take your vehicle if you do not make payments and are in default. They are not able to break into a locked garage to take your vehicle and they cannot forcibly remove a person from behind the wheel of the car.

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Is it breach of peace to remove a vehicle from a closed garage?

In some places it is not permitted for a repo man to enter a closed garage. In California, for example, a repo person can come on to private property to locate and take a vehicle, but cannot enter a locked placed, can't go inside the house, can't threaten or bully. This is not universal. In some areas the repo man can break open locks, etc.

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