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IF the lender approves, YES.

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Q: Can a person who receives Social Security be a cosigner for a car loan?
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Can a person who receives Social Security be a cosigner?


Can a person who receives Social security purchase a vehicle?

Of course. Social Security is not means tested.

What is the amount of money a person receives in social security based on?

is there a limit as to how much money a person on social security can accumulate

Can a person be sued by debt collector if only receives social security benefits?


Can a person that receives social security have medicare and medicaid?

Medicare - yes. Medicaid - if the person has limited assets/income and meets other eligibility factors including citizenship.

If a person receives Social Security Disability 680.00 per month can they work 20 hours a week 160.00 and still collect Social Security Disability?

Yes, but you must let social security know about the income. Your benefit amount may be reduced some to offset part of the income.

Can you find out if a person receives Social Security pay?

The only way for an individual to determine if another person receives Social Security benefits is to obtain a court order. Be aware that a judge would only issue an order if there's a compelling and legal reason for you to have such private information, like collecting back alimony or child support payments. If you are owed alimony or child support from someone you suspect is collecting Social Security benefits, you need to consult with an attorney.

Can a person that has paid in to Social Security for years then goes to prison collect Social Security?

No. Social Security does not pay prisoners.

Can a person receive disability and social security benefits?

disability ,then social security

Does a person with a blind eye qualify for social security benefits?

Does a person with a blind eye qualify for social security

How does social security determine a disability amount?

A person receives the amount of money necessary to put them 3 percent below the poverty line. Nice right :(

When can a person who is 56 and has been on social security disabled for ten years go on regular Social Security?

The person is on social security benefits at this time and has been since ten years ago.

Can a person purchase a vehicle receiving social security?

Of course. Social Security is not means tested.

What channel is SSN?

social security number of an individual person in the united states see * social security@ social

if a person is on social security and wins lots of money is their social security cut off?

No, you can continue to collect social security until the day you pass away.

Who was the first person to get a social security number?

The first person to receive a social security number is actually unknown. See Related Links.

How do i get a person's social security number?

You need to get that person and take them to the DPS for a new social security card. Getting a persons social security without their permission is illegal.

Is there a way a person can be paid by social security to take care of elderly?

would social security pay significant other to care for elderly person

What are the activities of the social security program?

The Social Security Administration receives funds from payroll checks to perform a number of activities. One to is determine if a person meets the the requirements of disability, when people apply for it and pays them monthly, if indeed they are disabled. Social Security makes monthly payments to citizens upon their retirement. Other important activities such as Medicare is also a major function of SS.

Do people on social security disability receive refunds for taxes?

Only if the person works and has paid into Social Security.

How can a person get social security 31 male?

Social Security Retirement Age is sixty two years of age

Can a dependent of an INCARCERATED person get social security?

Yes, if you are eligible for Social Security benefits, you will still receive your benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, the person incarcerated will not receive monthly Social Security benefits, but benefits to their spouse or children will continue as long as those dependents remain eligible.

How can you find out if a Social Security number belongs to the right person?

You can verify if a name matches with a Social Security Number with the Social Security Administration.

Can a social security recipient outlive his social security benefits?

No. Once one begins receiving Social Security benefits, they are received for life, regardless of how long the person lives.

Can an illegal person claim his child who has a social security card?

No. Because the illegal person either does not have a social security card of there own or they came to America Illegally.