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no yes it can i tried it and it grew perfectly you just have to make sure its one of those twistable lamp to rise the lamp when the plant gets bigger

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Can a plant grow under lamp light?

not for very long

Can a plant grow under a very bright lamp?

yes, but you need to water it

Does a flower grow quicker under a lamp?

no, not under a normal lamp. but under a special grow lamp it will make it a lot quicker.

Will putting a plant under a lamp will it grow faster?

no and the heat will probably damage it too.

How can you make a bean plant grow faster?

well i guess that u should put vinegar in ur bean plant and put it under a lamp so it can grow

Can a bean plant grow with a lamp light?

a bean plant can grow by a heat lamp light. all plants pretty much need a certain kind of light, sunlight. and the only lamp that can give close enough to it... is a heat lamp. it can also grow in regular lamp light. but NEVER as good as growing in sunlight!

Can a flower grow under a lamp?


What will happen if a plant is kept in sunlight and a plant is kept under lamp?

The plant which is kept in sun will grow normally whereas the plant which is kept in lamp will grow for for a certain period of time and the its growth will be re tarted and then the plant will eventually die. The reason behind is that the light of sun activate the photo system or the flow of electron by providing sufficient energy.but the lamp light will not have a sufficient energy to facilitate the flow of electron which is necessary for the chlorophyll pigment to perform photosynthesis

Do plants grow faster under a lamp or with barely any light?

actually I did this same qusetion for school and the one with barely any light grow fastest but the one under the lamp grow taller

How come a plant can grow under sunlight but not lamp light?

Most plants will do just fine under artificial light too, as long as the light appears about the same as sunlight to human eyes.

Will your house plant grow with heat from a lamp?

No, because the lamp does not produce the type of light and heat energy like the sun produces and the plant can not perform its photosynthesis which is the process of which the plant grows, and it also depends on what type of plant you have.

What plant do peanuts grow on?

Peanuts grow under ground on the roots of the peanut plant.

Does sunlight or lamp grow the plant faster?

We are doing a science project on if plants grow better in sunlight or in a box with a lamp turned on.Have any answers?Please write an answer.URGENT!

What are the roots of a plant?

the roots of a plant is what is under the ground and makes the plant grow :)

Can a plant live in a closet with a lamp or in a closet with no lamp?

The plant can not live in a Closet with no lamp. With no light, the plant can not make glucose (C6H12O6) The plant will evenually die. The plant in the closet will die whether or not there is a lamp, but the one with the lamp will live longer.

Which plant will grow under sunlight or shade?

A plant in which photosynthesis increases

Where do carrots grow in the US?

Carrots grow under the ground, they are a root plant...

Can iuse a Regular lamp to grow plants?

A regular lamp will not produce healthy plants. "Grow lights" or fish tank lights work best as they provide the required light colors for plant growth and health.

Will plant grow under heater?

no it will mess it up

When does the Katniss plant grow?

Near/under water

What is the best way to grow marijuana inside your house?

under a very big lamp my friend

What kind of lights can plant grow under?

sun light is the best light for plant

How can a plant grow under a artificial light?

yes, yes it can

What light will a bean plant grow under the best?


Do plant grow faster under certain colors of light?


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