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A blocked heater hose could cause a leak. A stopped up heater core could as well. Or the connector in the Windstar could be cracked.

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Q: Can a plugged up heater hose cause a massive leak from the heater hose connector on a 2000 Ford Windstar The heater stopped working a few months agoand I've already changed the thermostat.?
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my 2001 ford windstar is still overheating even though i changed out the thermostat. what could it be?

Can you change a thermostate on 2000 Windstar?

Personally , if I want an engine cooling thermostat changed I just take it in and let a mechanic / technician do it and pay the bill

98 Windstar 3.8L blows hot air from all selected vents but for only about 20 seconds and then cools off and continues blowing cold and already changed the vent door motor white module in back of dash?

Have you replaced the thermostat?

If a 1986 300Ci straight 6 is overheating And you already changed the Radiator what is next?

water pump. thermostat.

You have no heat in your 1994 camaro you already changed thermostat and added antifreeze what's next?

a new heater core

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Not very likely - the Windstar was significantly redesigned in 1999, and the dimensions of the vehicle were changed.

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have you changed the battery in the thermostat?

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You may have the thermostat in backwards. The spring side of the thermostat faces into the engine.

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If it is leaking coolant. And you changed the thermostat. I would then move to this section. Flush the radiator and the heater core. This can be done at a certified shop with a reliable mechanic.

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Sounds like thermostat is not opening and needs replacing

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Check the Blender door... Also check the temp knobs they make be broken.

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How did you change the thermostat?

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