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selection process for all federal judges

appellate jurisdiction vs original jurisdiction in federal courts

how did the 14th amendment affect civil liberties in the united states

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Q: Can a police officer of government official legally coerce a citizen to enter another citizens home in order to retieve what maybe illegal in order to make an arrest and prosecute?
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Civil servant is another name for?

Public Servant or Government Official

Where can one go to apply for US government jobs?

One can go to the official USA government website to apply for jobs in government. Another source to try is USAJOBS which is the federal government's official site on information on jobs in government.

How is an elected official of the US Government removed from office?

The members of Congress must have a vote to remove the official from office. But, another government official must have evidence (such as a crime record, or testimony from an alleged mistress) of why the other official should be removed from power.

What is another name for prosecute?

arraign, bring to trial, ligitate, sue, try

Is prosecute a concrete noun?

The word prosecute is not a noun, it is a verb. The noun form for is prosecutable, an abstract noun. Another noun form is prosecution, also an abstract noun.

Why is it necessary for the national government to be able to pass laws that will directly affect the citizens of the states?

because every citizen of the nation is also a citizen of a state. If you prefer, they could pass laws that affect citizens of another country or another planet.

What are the most important duties of government?

Government's important duties include making laws and enforcing those laws in order to protect its citizens. Another important duty of government is to provide for under privileged members of government.

Official who rules in place of another?

An official who takes the position of another official is usually called a substitute, reserve, or replacement official.

What is another word for immigrants who are now American citizens?

Naturalized citizens == ==

When the government has laissez faire economic politics what were they doing about his business?

It depends entirely on who "they" are and who "his" business belongs to. Assuming that this is a pure laissez-faire system, the government would not interfere in business activities in any way save to prosecute criminal acts, such as an employee murdering another employee. The government would not employ any regulations.

What is Another word for official?

another word for official is one, just that only one

What is a definition of demarche?

A démarche is a formal diplomatic stand of one government's official position, views and wishes on a particular subject to an appropriate officer of another government or international organization

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