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A 15-year-old is not eligible for emancipation in any of the few states that have grounds and procedures for the act. If the minor needs assistance due to being in an abusive environment and/or her pregnancy she should contact the state's division of child protective services. Please be advised, if an investigation finds that the minor has been subjected to abuse and/or neglect she will be taken into custody by social services and placed in a group or foster home to await a court hearing to determine what action, if any is needed. Regardless of the findings of an investigation the judge will not allow the minor female to move in with the father of her child. The court will either remand her back into the custody of her parents or declare the minor to be under the protection of the state and place her with a legal guardian or in a foster or group home. Birthright, 1-800-550-4900, (for medical, counseling and legal assistance). National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-422-4453 or 1-800-252-2873 National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence website,

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Is a pregnant seventeen year old emancipated once pregnant or has to get emancipated?

No.... at 16.... if pregnant you are emancipated in the matters of your health or the baby's. You can make the decision to have an abortion, put the baby up for adoption, or even keep it and there is nothing that your parents can do about it. You do not have to wait for 18 to become emancipated. ou have to be 16 and can prove that you can live on your own with out your parents assistance. You also have the right to live with the baby's father.

If you are 16 and pregnant can you become emancipated if your 18 year old boyfriend agrees to support you?

Well if he got you pregnant, he could go to jail!!!! If he is the father.

Were Adolf Hitler's parents abusive?

Hitler's father was abusive, but not his mother.

How can you help your brother-in-law get emancipated in Florida when father is physically abusive and mother is emotionally abusive?

Speaking to an attorney is obviously the most recommended. But if you are concerned with the safety of your brother then talk to the police. This I a serious issue. I've gone through the same problem with friends and I've actually had one of u friends come and stay with me while his priest consulted with him and eventually he was emancipated because of the attorney.

Can you get emancipated from your abusive father?

Yes,yes and double yes , first off if your father is abusive you already have a great reason to be emancipated from him. I would suggest going to some sort of family lawyer business (if you don't have very much money) and explaining to him/her about the abuse reasons you feel you need to be emancipated from him. Hopefully the outcome will be in your favor and you officially be emancipated from you father!ANOTHER VIEW: Sorry to be the bearer of (possibly) bad news, but the answer to your question lies ENTIRELY with your state's laws on age of emancipation. If you had given that info I, or someone else, could have told you what it is for your state. But the next best thing is to start asking around to learn this information. In order tocome emancipated, you will have to be able to prove to the court that you are, or can become, self-supporting and capable of finishing your schooling. If you're being physically or sexually abused you should report it to a trusted adult or law enforcement.

If a 16 year oldjuvenile is pregnant and the father wants to marry her and can provide for said juvenile can she become emancipated?

If the parents give permission she can marry him and that emancipates her.

Was kimberly anyadike's father abusive?


Can you be emancipated from your father but not your mother if they are still married?


Does a father have to pay child support if your 16 yr old moves in with her boyfriend and dropped out of school and is pregnant?

Possibly. In this case, it doesn't appear that the child is "emancipated."

Can a pregnant 16 year old be emancipated so she can live with the father of her baby?

If you're in the US, there's no judge in any state that would allow that--for a multitude of reasons.

What happens if your 15 and pregnant in minnasota?

You are emancipated regarding the pregnancy so the choice is yours whether to keep it or not. If you choose adoption the father have to sign his rights away as well.

Was johnny cash's father abusive?


Did dorothea dix have a father?

Dorothea Dix had an abusive yet alcholic father

Can a 16 year old girl get emancipated in Oklahoma with reasons like her dad is crazy and verbally abusive?

well I don't think that you can. I think that you have to have more reason then your father yells at you. You can get emacipated at 16 in Oklahoma but you have to have a very good reason.

Can a father of a 16 yr old pregnant daughter both living in ky sign for her to be emancipated?

For a minor seeking emancipation it's up to the judge but she can apply if she fills the criteria.

How was Dorothea Dix's father abusive towards her?

yes he was abusive to her and her brothers and her mother had bad mental health

What struggles did Christina Aguilera overcome?

An abusive father.

What was the name of the song with the abusive father?

Theres runaway love about a girl who has a abusive step father THERE IS ALso dear mr jesus and theres this one by mecheal something

How do a 16 year old male divorce his father?

You have to get emancipated.

What if a runaway wants to be emancipated?

my girlfriend is a runaway and wants to live with someone that is helping her, her parents are abusive sexually verbally and physically. she should not go home, and if she is caught and goes home her father is sending her to jail til she is 18 years old.

You are 16 and you want to be emancipated in Missouri your father will take this to court. he used to be physically abusive and is still verbally abusive What are the chances of you losing in court?

Missouri does not have emancipation of minors statues so there can be no court procedure concerning such. If there is abuse you should enlist the help of a trusted adult such as a teacher or contact the state's child protective services for assistance.

Does the father of a 17 year old pregnant girl have to pay child support in Maryland?

I imagine she still needs clothes and food in her belly. That doesn't change because she's pregnant. You still have to pay for your child until she is of legal age or emancipated.

In California can you get emancipated at 16 if you're pregnant and the father is 19?

Pregnancy is not a legitimate reason for emancipation, and in fact, being pregnant makes it much harder to become emancipated (for numerous reasons). Be aware, the age of sexual consent in CA is 18. Highly suggest Boyfriend speak with an attorney, because he broke the law by having sex with you, and that should be your number one concern at the moment.

Why did Hitler not get along with his father?

Hitler's father was a abusive drukard. Hitler's entire family did not like him.

What does Cole accuse his father of him in the circle in Touching Spirit Bear?

Being a drunk and abusive father

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