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Can a private party repossess a car if the Oklahoma title is still in his name and no maument has been made?


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Looks Ok to repo in OK but call the MVD if you have any questions or stop by your local tote-the-note lot and ask them how they do it. LOL Oklahoma

TITLE STATE: Yes SECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on title held by debtor. LICENSE REGISTRATION: Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division, 2501 Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73194. Tel.:(405)521-3221. RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR LIQUIDATION: Out of state titles must be in the name of lien holder. In Oklahoma copy of a security agreement (certified), lien released or repossession title in the name of lien holder. PLATES: Remain with the vehicle.


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