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No they cannot unless if it was never to get off its shell and starve or be eaten.

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Well, I think it depends on the species. I have 2 turtles. One is a red eared slider and the other is a yellowbellied slider. They get together fine but my 3rd turtle (a map) got killed by my red eared slider and that brings it back to me thinking it depends on the species.

I'm sure it would. But a RES is not dumb. If they get too hot they will go back in the water.

Yup! Mine does i whenever he happens to fall on his back, it just might take them a few seconds. After 10 seconds of struggle you should intervene and help your turtle.

Actually, nobody really knows which one is better:a red eared or a snake neck turtle. But they do have opinions. Somebody can say that a red eared turtle is better than a snake neck turtle and somebody else might say tha a snake neck turtle is better than a red eeared turtle. We have different thoughts and opinions. I hope this helped. If you need any more advice on turtles, feel free to email me and I will send you one back quickly. My email is:

this type of turtle is called a soft back turtle. it is about 3 to 5 inches long including tale and is usually kept as a pet. O.k that other person up there is wrong..This is a red bellied turtle.Or a mix of a red bellied turtle and a red eared slider..So there is the correct answer :D

If the front claws are longer than the back claws then it is a boy, if not - a girl

Do you mean black claws or back claws? Well, the answer is yes, to both. Their claws are blackish-looking on the inside (although on the outside they are translucent like human fingernails), and yes, female red-eared sliders have both front and back claws, just like the males. The difference is that the claws of the male are usually much longer.

AnswerDo you have a heat lamp for the turtle? See the Related Question below.AnswerMy baby turtle has the same problem but I'll tell you what I know... Red eared sliders can only eat in water, and they wont eat if its too cold or if your watching him/her. also try giving him/her different foods and try to see if he/she will eat that. also if it is a new turtle then wait a few day until it is used to its surrondings. and baby red eared sliders like meat alot more then anything else so try and give cooked salmon or cooked meat. I hope that your turtle eats!Another Answer:Red Eared Slider turtles eat MEAT when babies, make sure they are at home and comfy and not spazzing out, then slip a small piece of chicken in their tank. It will sink, but they should find it. Also, when Red Eared Sliders are babies, the water cannot go above their heads if they are on their back legs. Their heads need to poke out.

male turtles usually have a slight indent on the stomach shell to enable tem to mount the female more easlyA female turtle does not have a tail in the back, but a male turtle does have a tail in the back. Below: THIS IS FOR RED SLIDER TURTLES ONLYA FEMALE SLIDER WILL HAVE A SHORTER TAIL AND CLAWS. AMALE WILL HAVE LONG CLAWS AND TAIL.

Red-eared sliders need an adequate amount of water in which to swim. ... Red-eared sliders are strong swimmers, so you don't need to worry about drowning as long as the turtle can get out of the water and there is no place it can get trapped underwater

You should NEVER release a Red Eared Slider to the wild. If you got it from the wild then yes you can put it back, find a pond. If you bought it from the store though, it is illegal to release it. It could spread diseases.

you can put her on the floor and if she diggs with her back leg u know she is trying to lay the egg

A yellow back turtle or yellow-bellied slider is an aquatic terrapin which has evolved to live in warm waters. There is no definitive way in determining how old it is and the rings on its shell are not conclusive in gauging its years of age.

yes there is two that i know of. the eastern diamond back snake and desert turtle

just set your turtle in the bottom of your tank and then pour water in the tank only about 4 or 5 inches above the turtle that way incase the turtle flips over he can flip back over.

a dangerous way is to put your hand in front of it. if it pulls its head back it can see you. that's why it pulls its head back. no guarentee if this will work though

A turtle with a red back is called a "red back turtle"

how big is the turtle if its a baby take it back to were ever you got it it might have selaminella( if that's how you spell it )if they wont take it back then try getting a 10 gallon a 5 gallon will work but its to small. what kind of turtle is it? average turtles grow a little more then 12 inches and that's just the shell if its a red eared slider you will need a pond my advice is take it to your local pet store ask a associate if you can leave it there (petco has adoptions) obviously you don't know what your doing so you shouldn't keep it and next time do research before you get a pet

Well, I have two red eared slider turtles and one box turtle. For all turtles, the only way you can know if they are pregnant is if you feel near either of the turtle's back legs, and just in that little opening (you should be looking near her back leg where her skin is showing) right above the leg, gently feel with your finger. You will notice right away if there are any eggs because you will feel huge bumps. BE VERY CAREFULL WHEN DOING THIS FOR YOU DO NOT WANT TO BREAK THE EGGS.

RES should not be released. They are an invasive species to anywhere you release it. I recommend taking it to anywhere that will take your turtle, be it a reptile rescue or a normal shelter, or trying to get a responsible friend to take your animal.

The turtle is a reptile. It's unique feature is it's shell. The turtle is attached to it's shell by muscles in it's back. The turtle can "retreat" into its shell when it feels threatened or when danger comes. The shell is built so that, if the attacker turns the turtle upside down, the turtle can turn itself right side up. Turtles are cool that way.

Yes but make sure you have at least 3 gallons on water for every inch of turtle (tip shell to back of shell.

Turtle Back Zoo was created in 1963.

bald spot on back on neck on lop eared rabbit

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