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Can a repo company come on your property through a locked 6 foot fence and get a car?


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2015-07-15 18:39:40
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YES. The repo company can take the car from anywhere they want with the exception of a boot on the vehicle and/or the vehicle is in a locked property such as behind a locked fence surrounding the property or locked inside of a garage. If you do not let the person onto your property with a locked fence surrounding this is a voilation of the law and ofcourse YOU can have them arrested on the spot.

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can my neighbor (in California) use by fence as his, the fence is on my property

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Yes they can. The only exception to this - Is if your yard has a locked or closed fence. If your yard is secured by a fence the "repo" men/women cannot legally enter your yard.

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Yes as long as he does not go into a garage or cuts a lock to enter through a fence

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No, you cannot. The fence is the property of your neighbor and you have no right to paint it.

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