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Q: Can a repo company come on your property through a locked 6 foot fence and get a car?
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Can a car be repossed from neighbers driveway?

YES. The repo company can take the car from anywhere they want with the exception of a boot on the vehicle and/or the vehicle is in a locked property such as behind a locked fence surrounding the property or locked inside of a garage. If you do not let the person onto your property with a locked fence surrounding this is a voilation of the law and ofcourse YOU can have them arrested on the spot.

Can neighbor use fence on your property?

can my neighbor (in California) use by fence as his, the fence is on my property

Can your car be repossessed on private property?

Yes they can. The only exception to this - Is if your yard has a locked or closed fence. If your yard is secured by a fence the "repo" men/women cannot legally enter your yard.

Can a repo company come onto private property to obtain vehicle in the state of TN?

Yes as long as he does not go into a garage or cuts a lock to enter through a fence

Can I paint a neighbors fence that is facing my property but on his property line?

No, you cannot. The fence is the property of your neighbor and you have no right to paint it.

Is a fence real or personal property?

A fence is real property because it is permanently affixed to the land.

Can a lien holder repossess a vehicle from a chained locked fence on private property?

I guess he would need to use a helicopter since he cannot breach the peace. Breaking the lock or fence would be disturbing the peace, I think.

The neighbor is putting up a jagged fence and the nice side is facing his property can he do this?

If your neighboring is putting up a jagged fence and the nice side is facing his property, he can do this if the fence lies on his property. The neighbor can put up the fence of his choice.

How far from my neighbors property line and from the road can i put a fence?

The fence cannot be outside your property line.

Can a neighbor refuse to allow their existing fence to be joined by a new one on the adjacent property?

Yes, they can refuse. The fence is their property, so you must have permission to join their fence to yours. If not, you can build to the edge of your property line, leaving a gap between the two. You can have your property surveyed to determine your exact property line, and if their fence is on the line you can connect at those points only. You can also make them remove the fence if it's on your property.

Can bicycles be chained to a lamppost?

It depends on local laws. In most cities, universities, etc. it is illegal to chain a bike to a handrail, tree, signpost, lamppost, telephone pole, fence, etc. that is on public property. In such a case, a bicycle is required to be locked to a bicycle rack. On private property, where bikes can and cannot be locked up is up to the property owner.

You bought property in Hopkins County KY and the neighbors fence is on your property Can you remove the fence?

You first have to prove this fence is in fact, on your land and not your neighbors. You do this by obtaining the survey that is filed along with your deed. And then, if there is further questions, you might have to hire a survey company to re survey your property, physically mark the property lines and then give notice to your neighbor that his fence is on your property, justified by a copy of the survey and give him a time frame in which to remove this fence. Then, if it is not done, remove it and sue for the amount it took to remove it. You should read the contract you signed when you purchased the property. Many contracts for the purchase of land will state if an existing fences is the property line regardless of what a survey shows.

Can a repo man take your car from a locked fence?

Yes, a repo man can take your car in any circumstances. He just needs to find a means to enter the property.

If you put up a fence on your property does the neighbor on the other side of the fence have the right to paint attach to or alter your fence?

Find your exact property line..... then come on your side of it just a few inches and then the entire fence is on your property as opposed to building right on the property line where it would be on both properties.

Fence Building?

form_title= Fence Building form_header= Build a fence for your property. What is the square footage of your property?*= _ [50] What type of fence do you want to build?*= _ [50] Do you want to build the fence yourself?*= () Yes () No Do you have any pets?*= () Yes () No

Will insurance pay for a fence falling apart due to age after a neighbor's dog breaks through it?

Get the insurance company of the dog owner to pay. Homeowners insurance is not meant to be a maintenance contract. You as a homeowner are expected to maintain your property and replace things as they wear out. If your fence was properly maintained would the dog have been able to break through it?

Who is responsible for fixing a fence?

The owner of the fence or the owner of the property on which it stands.

If your fence falls on neighbors property and there is damage are you responsible?

Yes, if you were negligent in the maintenance of the fence. Otherwise, the neighbor's company will pick up the tab. If it is a shared fence both companies will share equally in the cost to repair or replacement of the fence with a reduction of the deductible by 50% for each owner.

How far from property line can you build a fence in Centralia Illinois?

Typically you are not to build a fence anywhere past your property line.

Is it legal to Jump Over A Locked Fence?

OBVIOUSLY NOT!!! unless it's your own or you've got permission :D It is likely that if you jump over a locked fence you will be committing the crime of trespassing.

Can someone screw something on your fence without your permmission?

As long as the fence is on your property, no.

What company in South Carolina has the best Fence Designs?

There are several companies offering Fence Design in SC. One of the top companies is Advent Fence Company. There are several companies in South Carolina that provide fence designs. Arguably, the best company is the Advent Fence Company. View their website at

Is there a union fence company in san Diego?

Crown fence co, Alcorn fence, Fence corp-inc.

Neighbor's fence is on your property in New Mexico what can you do about it?

If the neighbor's fence is on your property in New Mexico, you can ask them to remove it. If they refuse, you can take them to civil court.

Privacy Fence Installation?

form_title=Install a Privacy Fence form_header=Keep your property protected by installing a privacy fence. What type of fence do you want installed?= () Wood () Vinyl () Concrete () Other Do any fences currently border your property?= () Yes () No How high of a fence are you needing?=_