Can a repo man legally move another vehicle to get to the repossessed vehicle?

Seems that legally no, they only have the right to get the vehicle which they are repossessing, so say they come into your driveway and move your wife's car parked behind you, seems it would be at the very least criminal trespassing, if they dragged it with a tow truck for instance, it would be no different than someone with a tow truck out of the blue coming onto your property and randomly grabbing and moving a vehicle they had no right to do, trespassing, criminal damage to property, breaking and entering if they went inside the car for any reason, maybe even attempted grand theft auto as they had no right to touch that vehicle. I'm sure it's something that happens frequently and most likely is not reported, probably due to the embarrassment of having to explain the other vehicle was moved because they were repo'ing your car. Nevertheless, I've had a car repo'd and I know the embarrassment, and the anger, so if it were me, even though it wouldn't get your car back, maybe you could stick it to the repo company, waste much of their time in court, and maybe even get some compensation for the sudden steering or suspension damage that happened after they dragged the vehicle.

If your in a position to do so, file any charge on them you can. They are despicable low-lifes who prey on people when they are at their hardest times. When we cannot afford to keep up on car payments or just need to be a little late but a finance or title loan company would rather make things worse on you than be decent people, maybe if enough people stand up and fight back any way they can, it will draw attention, maybe get laws changed, force these people making a ridiculous amount of money on us to act as just human beings, to understand when we have problems and work with us rather than just try to increase their profits.

Especially watch these title loan companies, by my experience, at a tough financial time, I got one. Right after you make enough payments so their initial investment has been covered, better not even be one day late with them. I was 3 days late, spoke with them asking for 4-5 more, for a total of 7-8 days to make my payment, all others paid, only a week behind a single payment, that night on the fourth day they came up my driveway and hooked my car. 4 days late on a payment and they repo. They are so courteous and helpful when you sign those loan papers at outrageous interest rates, signing them looking at the 300 or 400% interest whatever it was, knowing you were getting you know what'd, but in such bad shape you had no choice, no alternative, ugg, I gone on enough about this, I could go on and on about it. Honestly, I wish they would be federally outlawed or very very strictly regulated and governed. But, seems the last people ever looked out for is those of us that need it the most.