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Can a repo man move a car trailer out of his way if it is in front of the car he is trying to repo?


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No, they cannot. By law, they're only entitled to enter and move the vehicle they have an order for repossession on. The only way they can move another vehicle is if the owner of that vehicles gives them permission to do such.

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They can pull the kingpin latch on the fifth wheel - that is all they can do. They cannot physically move the trailer.

No. A repo agent is only permitted to move and enter the vehicle which they have an order for repossession on.

They can disconnect the trailer, but, if that trailer isn't included in the order for repossession, they cannot take it - doing so is theft, and a crime.

yes, if it's being repossessed, it is the banks property.

Yes, they can knock on your and attempt to contact you. what the lastest time they can do that

Do you have a repo contact at BoA? I am going to have the same problem. norris7875@live.com

Repo man took my truck and my 24 ft trailer with 5k+ of tools on it. The trailer and tools are not on the loan and this has not been returned to me. He also knocked over my mail box. I have done a police report and was advised to contact them and try to work something out. There was some one that was supposed to buy the trailer in the morning, but that sale has been lost now. The officer as well entered in the police report the amount that the trailer was to have been sold for. The repo company nor the car lot have returned my rightful property to me, and I am signing warrants in the morning on them.

Most usually they are empowered to take items where you haven't made the payments. If both the truck and trailer were being repossessed, then you are stuck.

No. The repossessor can only take the unit they were contracted to repossess. Taking any other vehicle (which includes a trailer) is a felony, and a separate felony will be assessed if there's a load in that trailer.

Yes, afterall, the repo-car is still the legal property of the person who has sent the repo-guy to retrieve it.

No, the car has a lien on it. You cannot legally sell without a lien release from the lender. Be careful, you will get into serious trouble trying this. You can sell the car if the lender agrees but if they are trying to repo it i doubt they would agree to a sale at this point.

First, get some substantial time driving them. When you repo one of these, you have to be quick - if it's attached to a trailer, you typically have to drop that trailer, and it could be any type of trailer... dry box, RGN, whatever - and again, you need to be quick. None of this OTR, saunter out of the truck singing, "I've got tiiiiiiiiime on my side" nonsense. Then, you get enough experience that a towing and recovery company will hire you. Get a little time doing that, let them assess if you're ready to do repo work. If they decide you are, then you get into it.

Who told you there would be no storage? The lender? the repo co.? Call the LENDER, they have control of the repo company.

Yes, if you're trying to interfere with them repossesing it.

Yes. If your car is being repoed, you should make it easy for yourself and cooperate with them.

Only if the truck, boat and trailer were all behind on payments and the lien holder for all of them assigned them all out for repo. If they weren't it's called conversion.

Only if the trailer is unladen, and also up for repossession. Otherwise, it must be detached from the power unit before the power unit is towed away. If there's a load on that trailer, and that trailer is towed away, the repossession agency is liable to come under criminal and civil charges.

No. Unless they're given permission from the owner of the other vehicle, they can only legally enter and move the vehicle they have an order for repossession on. If they move another vehicle, they're guilty of a criminal offense.

Only a prosecuter can prosectute. It is legal to repo a car from anywhere as long as they dont "breach the peace" to get to it. That is, they cant break & enter or physically move you out of the way.

NO!!! I'm sorry but whoever fool you and told you this is a fool. It is only a repo mans job to move your car if perhaps another car is interfearing with him doing his job then he consults his boss.

They can issue a warrant for a repo if they have gone to court and determined that you are trying to steal the car. They would have to file theft charges against you first.

No they are not supposed too that does not mean they won't.

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