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The real answer is that it depends on the state. As a licensed repossession agent in four states on the west coast the answer is NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEGALLY MOVE ONE VEHICLE TO RETRIEVE THE COLLATERAL! Period! However that is how the laws are in the states that I am licensed which are California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada. Also I may not enter a garage that is closed, or any gated facility that is closed to the public! I can take you car, boat, RV, or anything else I am sent to retrieve from any public place, parking garage, or even your gated parking lot, or your garage as long as someone lets me in!

A recovery agent is not a thief, those who do not pay for the collateral are the thieves. We are doing a job, working any hour, day, night, holidays. Some of use carry weapons and will use them, some of us have video recording equipment. 90 percent of the time we already have keys for your car and do not need to tow it. We get calls from the dealership when you get it serviced and we bird dog them. If you have a tracking device on you car, which you are not aware of 80 percent of the time except for on star, we know where to find the vehicle 24/7! It takes less then 30 seconds to take your car. We already know where you work because of the file we are handed, we know your close friends or neighbors. That neighbor you just pissed off probably is the one who called me when you get home or told me where to find the car. We are part investigator. We do not have to let you know why we are on you property or taking the car. The matter of retrieving the collateral is a civil matter, how ever many states are adding new laws that will allow the debtor to be criminally charged with felonies for purchasing the vehicles are not paying for them.

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Q: Can a repo man move another vehicle to get to the reposession in the state of Arizona?
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In the state of North Carolina does the reposession man need a Writ of Replevin in in order to repossess a vehicle?

habeas corpus

What if you concealed a vehicle that is in reposession?

It depends on the local state laws. Most of the time, nothing unless the repo agent finds it or the court issues an order for the person release the vehicle to the agent.

Can you tow a vehicle that has an expired tag to another state?

Can you legally tow a vehicle on a trailre to another state if the vehicle being towed has and expired tag? I don't want the states pulling me over for this and don't know about this. Don't want to renew the plates only to have to renew them again when I get to Arizona. Thanks, Gene.

Can you be arrested for vehicle embezzlement if you are knowingly hiding a vehicle from a repossession agency in the state of Arizona?


What is the nickname for Arizona?

The Grand Canyon State or another nickname is copper state.The nickname of the state of Arizona is 'The Grand Canyon State.' The capital of the state of Arizona is Phoenix.The Grand Canyon State.The state of Arizona uses the nickname "The Grand Canyon State."

Can you register for insurance for a vehicle in another state?

You should take the policy out in the state the vehicle 'resides' in.

If you buy a car in Arizona and live in Texas do you have to pay sales tax in Arizona?

No, many other states (like Maryland) will charge you a tax when you transfer title and license a car based on the blue book value of the vehicle from another state, (Gotta love double taxation) In AZ transfer of title and registration from another state does not incur a fee or tax like this.

Do I have to turn in my historical vehicle plate when I move my vehicle to another state?

If you keep your permanent address in your original state then no. If you license the vehicle in another state then you will lose your historical plate. Each state has their own state plates. You may be able to get historical plates through the new state though.

Do I have to pay California late registration fees on my vehicle before I can register it in another state?

No, you do not have to pay California late registration fees on your vehicle before you can register it in another state

Where do you send plates that have been removed from your vehicle when you register vehicle in another state?

you dont

If you buy a car in a state and bring it to another state where do you pay taxes?

state where vehicle is registered

In the state of Arizona or California even Nevada. What is the age limit needed to become a reposession agent.?

you must be 18 years old in all states except CA, FL, and DC where in those states you must be at least 21 years old

Can you still get a drivers license in Michigan if you have a suspended license in Arizona?

You have a license in Arizona. Having one from another state would be illegal.

Can a vehicle be licensed out of state when you are living in another state?

No, you have to get a new license plate that goes with the state you are living in. If you are taking a vacation in a state and your vehicle's plate is different, that's okay because you are vacationing.

Can you voluntarily surrender a vehicle if you are currently residing in another state?


Can you return a vehicle bought in Arizona?

You can never return a vehicle in any state unless the seller agrees. The Buyer's Remorse Law only applies to unsolicited sales and not to vehicles.

If you buy a truck from an Arizona dealership but live in Nevada where do you pay tax?

Normally the state in which you register the vehicle. That would be Nevada.

Where in Arizona can i find auto repair insurance?

Car insurance for residents of the state of Arizona can be found at Another good option is

Is Arizona a state?

Yes, Arizona is a state.

If your vehicle loan was made in one state but the vehicle is currently in another state which state's repossession laws apply?

the state the car is in govern the repossession, the lenders choice on which state governs collection efforts. Read your contract.

All states that contain another state name within it in order?

Definitely Arizona

Is there any way you can insure your car in another state from which you live?

In most cases you need to insure the car with a policy written in the state that the vehicle is registered. Many states require that the insurance companies report the vehicles that they are insuring to the state for cross reference of motor vehicle registrations. So if you live in state A and your vehicle is registered in state A but insured in state B then state A will think that your vehicle is not insured and revoke your vehicle registration. Now if you live in state A but register and insure your vehicle in state B then you run the risk of not adhereing to the law that says you must register the vehicle in the state of your primary residence. If you have a legitimate reason for doing this such as a second residence in another state at which you keep a vehicle then you should have no problem doing this. If you are doing it to avoid higher taxes or insurance premiums then you will be doing something illegal.

Do you need to take the air brake portion of the CDL test to drive a combination vehicle over 26000 pounds in the state of Arizona?

Only if it's a vehicle equipped with air brakes.

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In Arizona if your vehicle is repossessed and your get the vehicle back is it illegal for the repossession agent to charge a fee before they will return your licence plate?

In the State of Arizona, the license plate belongs to the debtor. They cannot charge you for your plate but they can charge you for inventory and storage of your personal property (which, incidently, includes your plate).