Can a repo man move another vehicle to get to the reposession in the state of Arizona?

The real answer is that it depends on the state. As a licensed repossession agent in four states on the west coast the answer is NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEGALLY MOVE ONE VEHICLE TO RETRIEVE THE COLLATERAL! Period! However that is how the laws are in the states that I am licensed which are California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada. Also I may not enter a garage that is closed, or any gated facility that is closed to the public! I can take you car, boat, RV, or anything else I am sent to retrieve from any public place, parking garage, or even your gated parking lot, or your garage as long as someone lets me in!

A recovery agent is not a thief, those who do not pay for the collateral are the thieves. We are doing a job, working any hour, day, night, holidays. Some of use carry weapons and will use them, some of us have video recording equipment. 90 percent of the time we already have keys for your car and do not need to tow it. We get calls from the dealership when you get it serviced and we bird dog them. If you have a tracking device on you car, which you are not aware of 80 percent of the time except for on star, we know where to find the vehicle 24/7! It takes less then 30 seconds to take your car. We already know where you work because of the file we are handed, we know your close friends or neighbors. That neighbor you just pissed off probably is the one who called me when you get home or told me where to find the car. We are part investigator. We do not have to let you know why we are on you property or taking the car. The matter of retrieving the collateral is a civil matter, how ever many states are adding new laws that will allow the debtor to be criminally charged with felonies for purchasing the vehicles are not paying for them.