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Yes they can take your car,if you broke the contract even for one day.

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Is Dave James leaving QVC?

QVC just posted that he is leaving on their FB page.

Where the drawing posted in final account?

Drawings are deducted from Equity Account (Capital) in financial statement

The general ledger usually contains an AP account. What transcations are posted to this control account?


Who is Cerberus only ferocious to?

Cerberus was posted to prevent ghosts of the dead from leaving the underworld.

What is David Archuleta's official Youtube account?

The link is posted below.

How can you access a person's YouTube account if they don't have any videos posted they don't have a url but they do have an account?

Log in still.

Who does Allie Dimeco like?

She recently posted a video on her shared account with Kristina Reyes, that she has a crush on Nat ( 2009 it was posted)

What is error of original entry and it example?

It means that the entries are posted to the opposite side in each account, and maybe the figures are also wrongly posted.

How quickly will a payment post to your credit card account when you use visa online bill payment options?

a payment will post immediately to your account as long as it was posted before Friday at midnight. if you posted on Saturday it would take until monday morning to post to the account.

What is the difference between prepaid account and unearned account?

A prepaid account is one in which the amount paid for any cause is posted,the benefit for which relates to the forthcoming financial periods. Whereas, an unearned account is the one in which the amount posted is unearned in the sense that the money has been received, but the benefit for which hasn't been provided yet.

How do you disactivate a xbox live account?

Go to the Xbox website, look for contact. Call the number it posted asking to cancel your account.

Your account number for boost mobile phone?

you have to call customer service and have them tell you your account number. its not posted in your account online. and i dont believe you can get it any other way

What account will have a zero balance after closing entries have been jonrnalized and posted?

Service Revenue

Is there a way to know the number of comments you have posted on a YouTube video?

Check on your YouTube account

Does G Hannelius have an email account?

Yes, G Hannelius has an email account it's she posted her e-mail on GoogleBuzz

How entries are posted from general ledger to trial balance?

Extract of head of account wise debit balance or credit balance from the general ledger has to be posted in the trial balance.

When does accounts receivable have a credit balance?

If an account has a credit balance the customer must have overpaid on their account or a credit was issued by the company and posted to the customers account, resulting in a credit or negative balance.

How do you account for crates and returnable bottles?

Type your answer here.I would treat them as part of inventory. When the crates and bottles are with customers,the value should be posted to the creditors account and debited to the container account.

What is concealment of a vechicle?

I'll take a guess, since you posted this under reposession: It's hiding a vehicle so it would be repossessed, done sometimes when people are behind in their car payments.

Name the 7 journals from which totals are posted into the general ledger?

sundry creditor capital account fixed assest bank account profit and loss

What entries are made into salaries control account?

a debtors balance of rs28420 had been included in total credit sales but had not been posted to the customer account.

An official check was sent to a credit card company as payment but it never posted to the credit card but the check amount was drawn from the bank account so who is responsible for tracing the check?

The consumer is, as only he or she has access to the canceled/posted original check. Account information relating to the credited account should appear on one or both sides of the check. It is possible the wrong account was credited.

Is Britney Spears homophobic?

No. Britney recently posted on her Twitter account that she supports gay marriage.

The total of the cash disbursements column of the cash disbursements journal is posted to the cash account as a?


Double auction markets with at least two sellers will generate prices that remain a little above prices from posted offer markets True False?