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It is not illegal for a spouse to cancel health insurance before another spouse files divorce. However, if a current legal separation agreement is in place that allows for health insurance, then it can not be cancelled.

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Q: Can a spouse cancel health insurance before the spouse files divorce?
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What is a Qualifying event to cancel health insurance?


Can your employer cancel your health insurance without your knowledge?

Your employer cannot legally cancel your health insurance without your knowledge. If an employer chooses to cancel your health insurance he or she must notify you.

Can your employer cancel your health insurance without notifying you?

No. Call your States Department of Insurance.

How do you move from your school district provided health insurance to the work provided health insurance given to your husband when the start dates are 4 months apart?

Once your husband and you are enrolled in the new health insurance, you can cancel the old insurance. Remember not to cancel until the new insurance is approved. Agent

Health insurance coverage after divorce?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too!

Can your spouse cancel health insurance on you and his step children before the divorce is finalized?

I don't know about the legal ramifications but as a general rule, if an employee goes to his HR dept and asks to have his spouse and dependents removed from his health insurance policy they will do so without question. I don't think the employer has any obligation to require the employee prove they have the right to do so.

Is your wife entitled to your health insurance after divorce if she is not working?

No she will no longer be covered

Is it legal for a wife to cancel her husband's health insurance as well as his son's from a previous relationship without notice?

Are they still married? Separated? Divorced? If nothing else, the husband should get a notice from the Insurance Company about his COBRA rights. What does the divorce decree say? Once the divorce is final, the Insurance Company wouldn't consider the x-husband eligible anyway.

How do you cancel a current health insurance policy?

Call the insurance agent or company and let them know you wish to cancel and request their method for doing such. If you are paying it through a bank draft I would stop the draft as well so that another payment is not drafted before the cancellation is processed.

How can one obtain individual health insurance after a divorce?

To continue individual health insurance after a divorce, one can apply for an insurance coverage under the Federal Law COBRA. It means that person will be covered by his/her ex-spouse's insurance plan obtained from the ex-spouse's own company or employer.

What happens if your ex wife is still using your health insurance after the divorce and you are not responsible per your agreement for her health insurance?

Contact your insurance company and let them know IMMEDIATELY !!!! Are you paying premiums for her?

Can an ex husband cover an ex wife's health insurance?

Yes, it can be covered in the divorce agreement, from what I have been told. Working in physician's offices, I've seen it on health insurance plans. Personally, I have also known women who are still covered under their ex-husband's health insurance as a part of their divorce agreement. Different insurances might have different rules, so you should always check with your insurance company first before doing anything else.

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