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Probably. Is he married to the Mother? Check with your specific insurance company.

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Q: Can a stepfather place children on his medical policy when he is not the legal guardian or parent of the children?
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Are Children responsible for their own medical bills?

No, their parent(s) or guardian(s) are responsible.

What is the definition of a dad?

A dad is a father, possibly a stepfather or adopted father; a male parent or guardian.

Is it good if you watch children?

watch children do what? If you are a parent or guardian, then it good if you watch your children. If you are not the parent or guardian and have no good reason to be watching children please seek help .

Can a parent kick a minor child out in the state of north Carolina?

No, in no 'western' country can a parent of guardian abrogate their responsibilities to care for their children. If they do, the children will be taken into care and the parent guardian will be punished under the criminal law.

Is a guardian a parent?

No. A legal guardian is not a parent.No. A legal guardian is not a parent.No. A legal guardian is not a parent.No. A legal guardian is not a parent.

What is the main reason you have orphans?

Children are only orphans when they have no legal guardian or parent to go to; also if the parent/guardian can't take care of the child.

Who is responsible for medical expenses when a minor becomes pregnant?

Their legal parent(s) or guardian(s).

At what age are children responsible for their own hospital bills?

Children become responsible for their own medical bills at the age of 18. This means that any bills that are incurred prior to the age of 18 are still the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

When real estate is in the name of the children of a deceased parent how can property be sold?

Only the guardian can sell, or the children when they are 18+.

Are children allowed to sit at the bar in Wisconsin?

Yes, if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Can a divorced father get custody of his kids if the custodial parent dies even if she appointed a guardian for them?

Yes because the father is the rightful guardian of the children.

Does a god parent have legal right to be guardian?

a god parent is technically a guardian

Can children 12-13 watch R Rated movies?

Only if a parent or guardian goes with them.

Can a minor be issued a subpeona without a parent or guardian present?

No a minor must have a legal parent or guardian present in the court. The subpeona is for their case and their name will be on it, but they have to have a parent or guardian with them in the court.

How old do you have to be to get your nose pierced with your parent or guardian?

your age doesn't matter if you take your parent/guardian with you :)

Do step parents have rights to step children?

Unfortunately they don't, even when you are married. If the other parent has died, then you can apply to be guardian of the children, where you would then get rights. Or if the other parent couldn't look after then children, the same could happen.

Do you have to be 25 to get kids into a rated r movie?

Children under 17 have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Can a parent kick a minor out and tell them where to live?

No. The parent is the guardian and in charge of the minor. They can call for help, place the child into a program for at risk children, send them to another parent or grandparents, but not kick them out.

What is the parent's responsibility for medical bills for adult children?

Parents shouldn't be responsible for adult children.

Who gets the child when parent dies?

Parents of minor children should always have a will that names a guardian for their children. The guardianship must be approved by the court and the court will appoint the named guardian unless there are reasonable objections to that appointment. If no guardian was named in a will a family member willing to take the responsibility can petition to be appointed the guardian.

Does a teacher have the right to pry into a child's medical history?

Answer "Prying" into a child's medical history sounds derogatory. Certainly the teacher may ask the parent or guardian if there is a medical condition that is relevant to the classroom management of the child. It is their choice to give specifics or not. Most teachers would treat the information in a professional manner, helping the child. Without the information, they can take their best guess in arranging learning experiences for the child. However, teachers should not recommend medications, merely that the parent/guardian have the child evaluated. Treatment is at the parent/guardian's discretion. Several cases have been in the news regarding active children who are assumed to be ADHD, so this can be a hot topic. No, not without written permission from the minor's parents or legal guardian.

What are special problems faced by children of alcoholics?

=Special problems that children of alcoholics face are chances of sexualharassment, neglect, and child abuse by the parent or guardian=

Can you go in an automobile car company with bca degree?

They'd probably let children in as long as they have a parent/guardian with them.

Is it legal to consume alcohol underage in your home with your legal guardian or parent in Missouri?

This is Legal in your home, with your parent or guardian ONLY

Are children responsible for medical bills of a deceased parent in Pennsylvania?

For Pennsylvania the estate has the responsibility to settle the medical bills, not the children. Once that is done, the remainder can be distributed.