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CALL a few lenders and ask them what their lending qualifications are.

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Q: Can a student with good credit who has been in US for 20 months with funding from school apply for a loan or does he need a US citizen as a guarantor?
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Can you cosign for a car while in chapter 13 bankruptcy?

No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.No. You would not be a good credit risk nor a sensible guarantor if you are in bankruptcy yourself.

What are the duties of a guarantor?

When a person does not have good enough credit to secure a loan or financing on their own, they need a guarantor. A guarantor is a co-signer, and that means if the person taking out the loan does not make the payments, then the guarantor has to make the payments.

Are there any companies in the United Kingdom that offer guarantor loans?

There is a couple of companies in the United Kingdom that offer guarantor loans: TFS Loans, UK Credit Limited, Amigo Loans LTD, Credit Yamaska and Center Lending.

Can you get student loan funding for a non-degree program overseas?

No. You may be able to use a credit card or personal loan for something like this.

I am 27 and can't get funding to get my business off and running because of my credit, what can I do?

I am 27 and can't get funding to get my business off and running because of my credit, what can I do?

Can a spouse continue to use a credit card of deceased husband?

No. She must get a credit card in her own name since the guarantor on the account is deceased.

Can you remove your self as a personal guarantor from your business credit cards?

No. When you applied for the business credit cards, it appears you were required to sign as personal guarantor as a condition of the cards being approved. The only way to be removed is to request it from the credit card companies who issued the cards. it would depend how long you have had the cards and if they feel your business has developed an acceptable credit history.

What are todays most commonly used student consolidation loan rates?

Rates for student consolidation loans can really vary depending on the funding institution you are using for the loan. Rates are also based on your credit score. So make sure you credit is descent if you want lower rates.

What is the primary function of the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility?

Provide funding support for collateralized securities such as student, auto, and credit card loans.

Can your guarantor on your car be your boyfriend?

Yes, if he has sufficient credit and wants to assume that kind of potential financial liability.

Why do guarantors need to give bank details?

Because the guarantor must be both known and credit worthy.

Im a graduate student in health professional school that already has federal unsubsidized subsidized loansI need private loans for more money but your parents friends you have a bad credit score?

Well congratulations on being a graduate student! If you need additional funding for your schooling and you have a bad credit score, then you need a co-signer who has a good credit score. There are a few lenders out there that take risk on bad credit borrowers.

Can a credit provider report a guarantor to credit reporting agencies based on the defaults committed by the principal?

If you're talking about a cosigner, then yes. The cosigner's credit gets dinged also. Be careful about who you cosign for.

Why is my student loan reporting a credit limit?

The credit limit is the initial amount of your student loan. It helps keep your student loan from skewing your debt to credit ratio which can lower your credit score and make it more difficult to get credit.

Is there a way to get a private student loan when you have bad credit and no cosigner?

Some countries provide government student loans to any student that needs one (provided you are a citizen of course) regardless of your credit rating; you are of legal age to sign a contract, so you do not need a cosigner. The only requirement is that you are enrolled in an accredited university or other tertiary education institute.

Can I Still Get The Funding Even When Experiencing Personal Bad Credit?

Yes you can get the funding you need even experiencing personal bad credit. The lendersfinance businesses based on their business income and liquid assets, not the owner’s personal credit.

How does deferring a student loan affect credit rating?

Generally a student loan does not affect your credit rating

Can I Qualify For Funding If I Have Bad Credit?

Of course! The business cash advance is primarily based on the cash flow of your business, not your credit. So a bad credit will not disqualify you from getting funding which is great information for many business owners!

What is the advantage of buying a prepaid credit card?

Advantages include the ability to have a credit card that already has funding and does not require a credit check.

What are the advantages of getting a student credit card?

Student Credit Cards allow for a certain level of independence on behalf of the student without the level of danger or risk brought about by normal credit cards.

What are some sources of student credit cards?

There are many sources of student credit cards. One can obtain a student credit card through companies such as Capital One, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard.

What are the requirements needed to get a Citibank student credit card?

In order to get a Citibank student credit card, one must be a student, then have to have one student card. Another requirement to get a Citibank student card is identification.

How are Chase student credit cards applied for?

One can apply for a student credit card with their local bank or through the website of any banks offering student credit cards. One can apply with Chase Student Banking or Bank of America.

Can you get a student loan if you have bad credit as a student?

yes no maybe so depends on bad your credit actually is

How can you get a co-signer or apply for a student loan without one if you need the loan quickly but have no assets or credit history?

if your with a university then you might want to try and go through your government funding department