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They can be signs of pregnancy although there is no answer for every woman since everyones body responds to being pregnant differently, go take an at home test or make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test done good luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: Can a sudden acne breakout and constant nausea be signs of pregnancy approximately 2-3 weeks after conception?
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I've been having constant vaginal discharge lasting longer than usual My Fiance and I are tryin to conceive Could it be an early sign of pregnancy or is it too soon?

If you've been having constant vaginal discharge, lasting longer than usual and your fiance and you are trying to conceive, this could well be an early sign of pregnancy. It may not be too soon to do a home pregnancy test even if your period is not due for a few days as some tests can detect the presence of hCG a week after conception has taken place.

Is a constant stomach ache an early symptom of pregnancy?

A cramping stomach ache is a sign of pregnancy. But a constant, very bad pain may be something else and should be see by your doctor.

Is constant hunger an early sign of pregnancy?

yes - I had constant strong hunger in the days leading up to my period, and then I found out I was pregnant ;)

Can constant backache be the cause of pregnancy?

backache doesnt cause pregnancy no, but pregnancy can cause backache. although keep a watch on how often the pain comes, it could be a sign of labor.

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Can a grl secret milk without pregnancy?

Yes with constant stimulation, it has been done before.

Are constant stomach aches and clear urine likely to be stress or pregnancy?

Urine colour is no indication of pregnancy hon. Stomach cramps can be a sign of pregnancy, diahrrhea, tummy bug, UTI or just wind.

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Can you have an ectopic pregnancy at 3 weeks?

You can have an ectopic at 3 weeks. I had pain from the day I got pregnant. I felt a constant ache next to my hip bone from conception. I had to have my tube removed because it was not seen soon enough. If you have pain contact your doctor ASAP, it could mean the difference of medicine vs. surgery. Good Luck!

Is having constant gas a sign of pregnancy within the first trimester?

Hello - Being very gassy is a symptom of pregnancy yes. But if you're not experiencing any other pregnancy symptoms then I wouldn't think its pregnancy related. Do a test if your period is late hun.

Why are you experiencing constant sharp pains in your lower abdomen during pregnancy?

Go and see doctor or midwife

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