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It may not be bruises but discoloration of the skin. Cocoa butter cream will lighten up the dark spots if you use it on a regular basis.

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Red bruise like mark on thighs non raised and non itchy?

Are you on Elavil or its generic? The spots can be a side effect of it.

Is a bruise worse than a bruise?

ummm..... please specify what the difference between a bruise and a bruise is :)

What rhymes with cruise?

bruise, lose, oozebruisebruise

How do you say bruise in spanish?

magullar = to bruise una magulladura = a bruise

What happens to fats during digestion?

it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs

Is a inside bruise worse than a bruise?

No its not really that sreious then a regular bruise

What is the noun for bruise?

Bruise is a noun

What is hemtosis?

like bruise like bruise

When was Your Bruise created?

Your Bruise was created in 1998.

Can you bruise a bone?

A bruise is like a temporary clotting of blood. The short answer is YES. You can bruise a bone.

What fruit does not bruise people?

Oranges do not bruise people & Bars of soap don't bruise people

Is bruise a noun?

Yes. Bruise can be a noun ("I have a bruise on my shin."), but it can also be used as a verb ("He bruised his shin.").

What is a contusion?

It is a bruise.Just a fancy word for bruise

Can you bruise a penis?

yes it is possible to bruise your penis.

What is the homophone for brew?

Bruise like i have a bruise on my shoulder

Can you get cancer at the site of a bruise?

No you can not get cancer from an injury or bruise.

What color is a bruise?

a bruise is usually blue or black

Why does the body bruise without pain?

heart bruise

Is a bruise closed?

Yes, a bruise is a closed wound.

What is Verb of bruise?

Bruise is a verb. It is a regular verb

How do you take care of a bruise?

the simplilist way to cure a bruise if u dont have any antiseptics is to use an ice pack coverd in a cloth and place it on the bruise to swell the bruise

What should you do after getting a bruise?

After 5 to 10 days, the bruise turns greenish or yellowish. ... All you have to do is apply cold to the bruise for half an hour to an hour at a time ... A bruise is getting more painful. Your bruise is swelling. You can't move a joint. ...

Can you bruise someone with an orange?

You can bruise someone with just about anything.

Can the soles of your feet bruise?

Yes, the soles of the feet can bruise.

Can you substitute chicken thighs for turkey thighs in a receipe?

If you want, you can substitute chicken thighs for turkey thighs in a recipe. It will give your recipe a different taste.