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yes but i would start with the thermstat that will cause the car to ouer heat also Yes.

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2006-03-19 01:34:07
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Q: Can a water pump make a car run hot?
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Will bad water pump make car run hot?


Can a bad water pump make your car lose power?

definetly and run hot very hot when it gets hot immediately turn your car off or you will throw a rod or blow the motor up

What could the problem be if 95 town car is running hot?

The fan or water pump,

How do you know if you have a bad water pump in your car?

what if my top radiator hose is very hot and the bottom hose is cold,would that be a bad water pump?

What pump moves hot water?

The pump that moves hot water through a hot water heater is the recirculation pump. This pump moves the water through the heater and back through the intake line.

How do you know to replace the water pump versus the fuel pump?

Well, if the car does not run or even start then it's fuel pump. If the engine gets real hot when running then it's the water pump.

What if your car is running hot and rpm's are going up on its own when i try to start it what could it be?

your water pump

Where is a circular hot water pump located in a residence?

where is a circular hot water pump located in a home

What is a recirculation pump?

It is a pump that keeps the domestic hot water circulating back to the hot water tank so that you have hot water quickly when you turn a faucet on.

Will a bad fuel pump cause your car to run hot?

no a bad fuel pump will not make your run hot it will cause it not run like it should and eventually stop running at all

Would a water pump on a 2002 dodge stratus cause your car to not blow out hot air?

Yes it could.

Why you your car overheating and blowing cool air when turned to hot?

bad water pump or low coolant level

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