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2006-08-02 13:55:47
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Q: Can a woman who is a Mexican citizen living in Mexico file for divorce from her husband who is living in the US?
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How long after a Mexican citizen receives her divorce papers from Mexico can she remarry?


How or where can a US citizen get a divorce from a Mexican citizen if they got married in Mexico and the husband came over illegally and both of them reside in the US and they just don't get along?

I really think you can not file a divorce in Mexico while you are residing in the US. Mexican law determines that you must reside in there so Mexican Courts are competent. (Jurisdiction Matter). I am not sure about American law.AnswerYou have to go back to Mexico to file for divorce. Be very careful that you get your information together and that you do a search on reputable lawyers (not some back alley lawyer) in Mexico. Good luckMarcy

Can two Mexican citizens who were married in Mexico get a divorce in California?

No, Mexican citizens can't get divorced in California if they were married in Mexico. One of the parties would need to be an American citizen.

Can Mexican citizen do own divorce papers in Texas to Mexican citizen in Texas married in Mexico?

Definitely Yes. As long as at least one party meets the Texas residency requirements, both parties are aware of the divorce, and the respondent has been properly served, the divorce can be consummated in Texas.

What are the different nationally of Mexican?

"Mexican" is a nationality-- a Mexican is a citizen of Mexico.

What is a citizen of Mexico called?


I am a us citizen I married a divorced Mexican woman in Mexico that had not waited the year necessary to re-marry I now need a divorce and she wants I can't pay What are my options?

Consult a Divorce lawyer in the US. Get an Uncontested Divorce and stay out of Mexico.

What do you as a Mexican citizen need to fly into Mexico?

Your Mexican passport.

If a us citizen marries a Mexican citizen and they live in Mexico will the us allow her to have dual citizenship Mexico and us?

US citizenship cannot be lost by her becoming a Mexican citizen. Mexico would control whether she becomes a Mexican citizen. US has no involvement in the process.

Can the wife in Mexico file a divorce when husband is in US or does he have to be there also?

need to know if its possible to get divorce in Mexico when spouse is in U.S. on grounds of abandonment The husband doesn't have to be in Mexico.

Does a US citizen who marries a Mexican National become a citizen of Mexico?


Do you have to be a Mexican citizen to buy a home in Mexico?


If an American marries a Mexican in Mexico does that person automaticly becom e a Mexican citizen?

no they do not the Mexican instead becomes an American citizen

If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

How can you be a Mexican citizen?

go to mexico and bribe the government

Do you have to live in Mexico to become a Mexican citizen?


Do you need to be a Mexican citizen to vote in Mexico?


Can you file for divorce if your husband left for Mexico?

You can file for divorce even if your husband was still living at home. However, divorce laws vary by state.

What are the marriage and divorce laws in Mexico for American citizens?

What is divorce and marriage laws for united states citizen when they get married n mexico?

How long can you stay in Mexico if you are an American citizen married to a Mexican citizen?

6 months

Can an American citizen get married to a Mexican citizen in Mexico?

I want to marry a girl America

Can you get a quick divorce from a US citizen before returning to your home country Australia?

Takes six weeks in Nevada. All other states take much longer. You can get a Mexican Divorce in one day in Mexico.

If you are in Mexico do you need a passport to enter Canada?

What do you mean if "you are in Mexico"? Do you mean if you are a Mexican citizen? If you are a Mexican citizen, then Yes, you need a valid Mexican passport to enter Canada. A Canada visa is not required for citizens of Mexico for a stay up to 180 days.

What do you need to become a Mexican citizen when youre an American citizen that's born in Mexico?

More than likely, you are already a Mexican citizen. Get your birth documents together and just get a mexican passport to prove Mexican citizenship.

If a us citizen married a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they get citizenship?

No. Neither will automatically become citizen of the other country.