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anyone "can" get shot anywhere repoing cars. Not just Texas. Texas does have their little law that says you can shoot someone in "defense" of your property. BUT, it doesnt fly that you can kill someone for repoing a car you cant/wont pay for. Good try, NO candy ?
Well, several years ago, at 2 am the repo guy was shot and killed while hooking up the vehicle. The owner was found NOT GUILTY. Another case this year either in PA or NJ, tow driver followed a guy to the store. Owner was walking through the parking lot and heard his car alarm go off. He ran back as the tow guy was hooking the vehicle and shot him in the leg. The verdict on the owner of the vehicle......NOT GUILTY.
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Q: Can a wrecker get shot if he repos a car in Texas?
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When a wrecker service repos your car do they have to have appropriate paper work?

Dont know what state you are in but My state requires it(paperwork) for you to operate the repo on the road. Even if the state somehow didnt require it, it would only be common sense to have it in case you get stopped, shot or otherwise legally involved.

What happens when the bank repos your car?

pay for it

What carrys broken cars?

Wrecker or car hauler.

How long till westlake financial repos a car?

2 Months

Can you still finance a car with two repossessions after chapter 7?

With enogh down payment, you can get a car with 10 repos. The more repos, the more DP needed. probably get a higher interest rate too.

If you are filing bankruptcy and your car is damaged and the lender will not repossess it what should you do with it?

Notify the LENDER by cert mail that they have 10 days to remove the car or you will have it towed by a wrecker company. IF they dont p/u the car, call a wrecker co. to come get it.

Can you stop a wrecker from impounding your car?

No you cannot. You might go to jail for that.

Can you fight your car repossession in Texas if you paid them late?

If you had a gun and shot the guy not letting you reposse it!

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What reposession company handles toyota's reposessions?

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Why is it best to call a 24-hour wrecker when your car breaks down?

They are always on their tows.

Why is it the best to call a twenty four hour wrecker when your car breaks down?

they are always on there tows.

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If you repossess your car do you have to continue insurance coverage on that vehicle?

I take it you mean, if your car IS repossessed. In that case, IF you dont plan to redeem it, NO. NO car, NO insurance. Once the lender repos the car, they are responsible for the insurance coverage.

What are repos?

Repo is short for repurchase agreement. Those who deal in government securities use repos as a form of overnight borrowing.Short for "repossession". In the case of the show "Operation Repo" they receive notices that someone has fallen behind on car payments and come tow the car until the owner can arrange with the bank to pay them.

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How do you tow a 1994 Town Car properly when the car is locked and you can not turn of the air suspension switch?

on a wrecker that is called a flat bed or roll back

If a person voluntarily repos his car will the collection calls stop?

NOPE, the LENDER stops the calls IF and WHEN they decide as long as the law allows.

How long does it take before a car is repossessed in Texas?

6-7 months is the "longest" normal Im use too. I dont know of a legal "limit". Call a wrecker to move it as a TOW-A-WAY. They usually do that for FREE. Then you will have more grass to mow.

Where do you get a Car Auction licenses in Texas?

Where do you get a car auction licenses in Texas