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To find out if your eligible for Medicare, you can use the Medicare Eligibility Tool at the link below: If you're not eligible for Medicare, you can check with the different insurance companies to find out about individual coverage.

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Q: Can a younger spouse of a retired person get medicare or insurance coverage?
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What you Should Know About Medicare Health Insurance?

Over 40 million Americans are covered by Medicare, the largest health insurance in the US. If you are 65 years and older or if you are younger with certain disabilities, you may be eligible for Medicare health insurance. However, if you have end stage renal disease which involves permanent kidney failure and require a kidney transplant or dialysis treatment, you may qualify for health insurance covered by Medicare, regardless of your age. The Medicare health plan covers two main areas, Hospital Insurance which is Part A and Medical Insurance, known as Part B. Both Medicare Parts are referred to as the Original Medicare Insurance and while most people who worked and contributed to Medicare taxes do not pay for Part A, the majority of persons covered by Medicare pay a monthly fee for the Part B. Hospital Insurance helps to provide coverage for part-time skilled nursing facilities, hospice and home health care services. Hospital inpatient care is also included, which involves hospitals that provide long-term care, critical access and rehabilitation facilities. Medical Insurance helps with the coverage for outpatient care and treatment by doctors as well as some preventative services. Once the services are covered by Medicare, Part B will pay 80% of the approved amount. Other health insurance programs covered by Medicare are managed by Medicare approved private companies. They are Part C, also called Medicare Advantage and Part D, which is Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. Both of these plans include Parts A and B along with other benefits and for Part C, payment of a monthly premium is required. As a Medicare beneficiary, you have two choices of how you can get the senior health insurance. One method is to start with Part A and B (Original Medicare) and add Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) as well as a Supplemental Coverage such as Medigap. The other choice is to start with Medicare Advantage (Part C) and then add the Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D). However, you would not be able to add a Supplemental Insurance with this latter choice. If you need clarification or information about Medicare health insurance, contact the Social Security Administration or the website.

Can I get health insurance coverage right now?

You can get health insurance whenever you want. However, for younger and healthier you buying health insurance is hassle free process.

Does Medicare cover your wife?

Medicare doesn't cover spouses. Each person must have their own account and policy. This is an important consideration if the older partner decides to retire before the younger one reaches age 65. If the younger person relied on the older partner for health coverage through their employer, they'll be responsible for their own medical insurance until they also reach age 65.

What is midcare?

Medicare in the United States is a health insurance system for people who are at least 65 years old, or those who are younger but have disabilities.

How to Find the Best Supplemental Insurance Plan?

One of the unfortunate things about Medicare and other forms of health insurance is that they typically do not pay for all the medical bills a person may incur. Often, a person will have to dig into their own money, whether it is from a fixed income or savings, to pay for these bills. To help guard against this possibility, you need to purchase supplemental insurance. However, not many people know a lot about supplemental insurance. To learn how to select the best supplemental insurance for you, use the advice below. The first step of this process is deciding what kind of supplemental insurance you need. There are generally two choices. These are Medicare supplemental insurance and regular supplemental insurance. Medicare supplemental insurance is used by people that are over the age of 65 and receiving Medicare. For people younger than that, regular supplemental insurance can help cover some of their healthcare costs. Next, you need to consider the exclusions and other limitations that often come with different supplemental insurance plans. Exclusions can include things like elective surgery, at home nursing assistance, and hearing aids. There may be other limitations as well. For example, Part A and Part B Medicare coverage have different limitations in regards to how long a person can stay in a hospital as well as how much mental healthcare a person can receive. For regular supplemental health insurance, there may even be more severe limitations. This can include less coverage or added costs for medical bills related to high-risk diseases such as AIDS, diabetes, and lymphoma. Next, you should make sure that the amount of coverage you want to pay for fits within your budget. Medicare supplemental insurance, for example, can cost from $1,000 to over $3,000 a year depending on the particular plan. The difference in price is usually connected to the amount of coverage a plan provides. The more coverage a policy includes, the most expensive it will be to own. Lastly, you will need to compare the plans offered by different insurance companies to find the best deal for you. This can include visiting brick and mortar locations. It can also include visiting websites that allow users to review different insurance plans. Whatever the case, you should make sure to find out the average rates offered by different companies for the same kinds of coverage. Insurance agents after all are salespeople. You only want to purchase a plan that provides you with the actual amount of coverage you need for a fair price.


A federal program of health insurance for persons 65 years of age and older and people under 65 with vertical disabilities. U.S. employees must pay a Medicare tax to fund this program.

How much money does car insurance cost?

It depends on a variety of factors, your age, level of education, marital status, insurance provider, level of coverage, and type and value of the vehicle. Younger people tend to pay roughly 1000 dollars a year for it.

Can you change your secondary insurance to primary insurance if your coverage is better with the secondary insurance?

In most cases no. You can not chage due to better coverage. 90% of insurance companies, if not more, have what is called a birthday rule. Meaning if you have dependant children on the policy the guardian who was born first (or who is older) is the primary carrier for the dependant children and the younger of the two guardians is the secondary carrier. If you were to have coverage through yourself and a spouse you would be your own primary, as would your spouse be their own primary. If you are the carrier for both insurances then it would all depend on your plan provisions and restrictions, in which case you would have to question each insurance company as to how they would handle determining what insurance is primary and what insurance is secondary.

Does globe life insurance offer policies for younger people?

Being 21, you are an adult. As such, you can get life insurance as an adult, and, well, that's a policy. The monthly premiums can be viewed online by entering your info, but the first month is only a dollar for up to $50,000 coverage.

Where can one find the best savings rates for insurance?

It depends what type of insurance and how much coverage is needed but having a good driving record helps to save money for car insurance and little to no debt and a low credit score also help. For life insurance healthy and younger people get better rates but local insurance salesmen will be glad to help find the best deals.

What type of life insurance has the lowest premium for a young person?

Term life insurance has the lowest premium for a young person. Term life is temporary for 1-30 years of coverage. The younger you are when you purchase life insurance, the lower your rates. Since term life is the lowest cost life insurance, it would offer you the lowest premiums compared to the same amount of permanent life insurance.

Does Metlife have affordable health insurance policies for younger people?

Yes Metlife does have affordable health insurance policies for younger people. The policies do cost a bit more for the younger people but are still avaialble.

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