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Can acrylic dentures cause an allergic reaction that resembles chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia?


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2008-05-10 02:43:11
2008-05-10 02:43:11

Yes! After 3 yrs. of Gabapentin and percocet someone mentioned this to me and I believe it may be a cause. I reseached "Allergy to dentures" and saw others who had asked Doctors this same question to no avail. Were out here wanting to die rather than endure more of this unexplained pain and yet no one will listen to us or say anything other than chronic pain, hand us pills, and dismiss us. I was diagnosed with an allergy to chemicals but the allergist aren't even testing for the ingredients in dentures. I noticed from the other people's questions that they are only being tested for simple things like pollens and pets. I two have had this issue. Are all Allergist in it for the payment and not interested in want you may really be allergic to? They only seem to give you general test. Do the others cost more? I have tried to illiminate the toxins and products but even eating out or going to the store can subject me and therefore swelling and pain. Even hugging someone and forgetting that they are wearing all kinds of products. What ever causes this horrible pain, fogged thinking, and tiredness has got to be found out. I am just starting the trials with my dentures but from what I have read I definitely believe this too is a factor. I do know that having carpet in your home or touching a material and not washing it off will cause reaction so it is not a stretch to believe somthing in dentures may be affecting your system. Brenda


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Allergies to Dentures are very rare. If You think you may be you can do a test with a sample of acrylic to wear on the roof of your mouth, You will have to get this made from your Dentist or Denturist. The reaction should be quick and your entire mouth will be irritated. In the instance that you are allergic a clear acrylic would be used.

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No. It is a reaction to a viral infection. Allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction to airborne allergens.

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Yes, a person can have an allergic reaction to camphor. I myself am allergic.

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Yes, you can get an allergic reaction to most things.

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Allergents are antigens that cause an allergic reaction

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